Want to play guitar faster and cleaner than ever? Stop listening to conventional speed building wisdom.

Tons of popular guitar speed advice is wrong and actually turns you into a slower player!

Here are 3 pieces of conventional guitar playing wisdom to stay away from in order to become a faster guitarist in no time:

  1. Play Everything As Fast As Possible

Guitar players commonly make the mistake of trying to play everything as fast as they can without working to improve their 2-hand synchronization.

This trains you to move your hands fast, but turns you into a sloppy player. This is very frustrating to say the least!

Practicing to explicitly improve your two-hand synchronization helps you play faster AND makes playing with speed feel effortless.

  1. Start slow, then gradually building up to speed

Everyone has heard this piece of advice! Practicing slow and slowly building speed leads to sloppy playing at high speeds and/or causes you to make very slow progress over time.

Using this approach trains you to play with inefficient motions when you go to play much faster. This makes playing fast feel like a struggle!

Avoid this by breaking the item you are practicing into smaller sections of notes.

Then practice a few notes at a time using short bursts of speed with quick 1 second pauses in between. This improves your 2-hand sync at fast speeds, makes your hand movements more efficient and makes practicing feel much less frustrating than it would otherwise.

  1. Find As Many Guitar Speed Exercises As You Can

Accumulating a lot of guitar speed exercises is useless until you understand HOW to practice them to get results.

Doing this is more likely to cause you to feel overwhelmed. Instead, focus on increasing the top speed of your 2-hand synchronization and learn practice methods that make this possible.

Learn methods for increasing the speed of your 2-hand synchronization by reading this guitar speed article.



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Tom Hess is a highly successful guitar teacher, recording artist and composer. He teaches guitar players from all over the world in his online guitar lessons. Learn more about playing guitar faster by watching this video about guitar picking technique.