The world recently was shocked when the British newspaper the news of the world was found to have been hacking phones for quite sometime. But what really amazed some people was the reaction of one Wendi Dung when her husband, Rupert Murdoch, was attacked with a custard pie. Having just witnessed her husband on the receiving end of an attack she, obviously following Sun Tzu and the art of war, launched a counter strike in the form of a flying slap!

In China Wendi Deng would be known as a 'Mou lao hou', literally a 'mother tiger', in other words a fierce woman not to be messed with due to her strong protective instinct. This isn't an uncommon type of Chinese bride in China to be honest. What may surprise many western men is the extent of the protective instinct in Chinese women. Most are fiercely loyal, many Chinese women I have known would sacrifice everything for their husband.

It's no surprise therefore that many guys these days are considering dating a Chinese woman and even possible marriage to a Chinese bride. Take British actor Hugh Grant for example who recently took a trip to Hainan, China for a celebrity golf tournament and was quoted as saying of Chinese women 'I am very happy to contemplate having a Chinese girlfriend.' And then further expanded by saying 'I must say I'm very charmed by Chinese women, so far. I've been here only 24 hours, but I've fallen in love four times!' He's even been seen recently in London with a Chinese girlfriend.

Gone are the days when there was a stigma attached to a relationship between a western man and a Chinese woman. That thing that everyone thinks but no one wants to say 'you're only with a Chinese woman because you can get nothing else', I'm pretty sure Hugh Grant can date whatever woman he wants and Rupert Murdoch can pick and choose too, for obvious reasons; so why are many men choosing Chinese women as Brides and girlfriends?

Quite simply Chinese women win on almost every level compared to western women in a relationship. They are kind and giving to the man in their life, without being servile and totally passive. They are very family orientated, not to mention loyal. In my own experience having dated Chinese women and being married to a Chinese woman, I can say the western women I have dated just simply can't compete! I'm sure this trend will therefore continue long into the future.

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