Who needs couples massage?

Are you stressed?

Does your back hurt?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Are you married, in a relationship or have a good friend that you can buy a few beers and have them agree to touch you?

The truth is everyone benefits from couples massage. It's one of the best ways to relieve minor aches and pain while strengthening your relationship and sparking things up for a romantic evening. Come to think of it, that's the best list of multi-tasking I've heard in a long time.

The media has made us aware how stress plays an important key factor in major health problems like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The findings now place stress reduction as one the most important and easily achieved way we can improve our health and increase our longevity. Massage is consistently a first choice among people from all walks of life for stress relief. Regular sessions of massage have been proven to:

Lower blood pressure (often to levels where medications are no longer needed)

Reduce muscular tension which can prevent injuries

Increase lymph fluid flow-an important part of detoxing the body

Increase fertility-fertility problems in this country continue to rise


Regular sessions of massage with your partner will make you feel years younger, will help you shed the stress and take years off of a stale romantic relationship. Massage, however can be hard work. It’s easy to tire yourself out or worse, injure yourself when massaging another person without some guidance and training.

In my Couples Massage classes, the complaints I hear most often are:

Problems occur, however, with massaging someone when you aren't a professional massage therapist. Massage can be hard work and you can get tired easily.

"He never rubs my feet long enough."

"She can't go deep enough on my back to make me feel better."

There are over 300 different modalities of massage, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish, Lomi Lomi; just to name a few. There are so many different ways to influence and enhance wellness in the body and many of these techniques are easy and almost effortless if you know how.

The DVD-What Couples Knead that I just released addresses these problems. Here, I have included Thai massage moves where the therapist uses body positioning, balance and their own body weight to influence their partner’s muscles. We use traditional Swedish strokes that feel luxurious, require little effort and greatly increase Lymph fluid flow. And lastly, we introduce the use of Hot Stones. The use of heat has been of therapeutic value for millenia and Hot Stones are a natural choice of tool for this process. The heat easily, retain heat for a prolonged use, add weight to massage strokes and

Here I have created moves and techniques for you to do that can feel effortless to the person massaging and feel like heaven to the lucky one getting the massage. In fact, I've included a few techniques that will allow you to do a foot massage all night long if that's what your partner wants.

Learn how to massage your partner using fun Thai moves that are easy and effortless but will have your partner purring for more! See how using Hot Stones will melt your parnter's tight spots and turn your evening into a sizzling experience. Great for Holidays, Valentines, or anytime. Order today at www.whatcouplesknead.com

Author's Bio: 

For five years, Michele Holmes has been teaching couples how to massage each other effectively and with less effort and strain on their bodies. She has collected some of her easiest but most effective techniques into a DVD that will have you massaging like a pro in one session.

Over her career, she has been priviledged to assist clients regain their lost Range of Motion, reduce or eliminate their symptoms of Fibromyalgia, and diminish the effects of Tinnitus (unrelenting and persistent buzzing or ringing of the ears).

To be able to give and receive a massage in the privacy of your own home with someone you are completely comfortable with goes along way toward relieving stress.