People are searching for answers to why there is more turmoil and less peace in these troubling times. Certainly the planetary alignments within our solar system offer insight and grant curious relief through providing astrological explanations. However, there is an answer that moves beyond star sign charts, tarot cards, or psychic predictions.
One light of hope is revealed through the ancient teachings of the Hindu culture. This wisdom, which coincides perfectly with the Mayan and other indigenous people, teaches that we are now in the closing days of a grand cycle called 'Kali Yuga'. And, as surely as they have repeated many times before, we will emerge into a new hopeful cycle named 'Satya Yuga'. The Yuga in Hindu philosophy is a name for an era within a cycle of four ages. The cycles of the yugas repeat like the seasons with each cycle invoking gradual changes on the earth and within the consciousness of mankind.
One complete yuga cycles from a high Golden Age of enlightenment to a Dark Age, and back again. The resulting changes are said to be caused by the solar system's motion around another dynamic center known as the Galactic Center, which is alternately referred to as our Great Central Sun. As our sun moves through this grand scale orbit, it takes our entire solar system and earth closer to and then further from a central point in space. This Grand Central Sun is a dynamic seat of the creative power and universal magnetism.
The names of the four successive ages are: Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga. Satya Yuga, the first and most positive age, is a time that connects us with spiritual knowledge, religion, and sacred ritual. Through these qualities good overcomes the evil. After the perfect Satya Yuga, an emerging social decline marks the Treta Yuga. Further wasting brings about the Dwapara Yuga; and then comes the final and dark Kali Yuga, known as a time of wickedness when man kills another man. Kali Yuga, also referred to as an age of demons and vices, is the last of the four stages that the world goes through as part of the cycle of yugas described in the Indian scriptures. One does not need angel goddess oracle cards to see that surely we are in the closing days of a Kali Yuga.
Scholars do not universally agree on the timing within these ages, which ranges from 2,000 years to 400,000. Many of the teachings, however, are documented by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, guru of Paramahansa Yogananda. Swami Yukteswar assigned imposingly long years to each cycle. He also noted that people do not want to admit to the turmoil of living in a time of Kali Yuga. Considering the synchronicity of the Mayan calendars and 2012 predictions, there is much to reflect that we are indeed in the throes of a dark and killing age, the Kali Yuga. And, as surely as they have repeated many times before, we will emerge into a new hopeful cycle of Satya Yuga.
Amazingly, the Hindu scriptures DO provide a specific astrological signature of the opening for a new Satya Yuga, which is: ‘during Pushya Naksatra, when the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are all in Cancer.’ As I researched the Yugas, this last piece of information came as a delicious discovery. Handed down through ancient manuscripts, we actually have been given the timing for the beginning of our new Grand cycle. My precision in Jyotish sidereal calculations is admittedly lacking, however, based on what I can discern, the next date that meets these criteria is June 9, 2013! This is a perfect date for rebirth into a new and higher vibration of peace, harmony, and the lifestyle we all deserve.

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