We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives. We set a goal, we make big plans to achieve it, work really hard and still don’t get the results we’ve been hoping for and desire! Maybe it’s loosing weight, growing our business, changing jobs or creating that perfect romantic relationship. Whatever it is that you’re longing to accomplish or create, continually exerting the efforts without realizing the ideal results, can leave you feel exhausted, frustrated and deeply disappointed.

One thing most of us fail to recognize is that when this happens undoubtedly our ego is involved. We don’t want to admit that we’ve made a mistake; an error in judgment, and that what we’re so caught up in doing isn’t working and isn’t going to! We continue to try to pound the round peg into the square hole hoping that by some miracle, this time it’s going to fit! What we really need is new information, and redirection.

The great Jim Rohn once said; “If a person is going down the wrong road, they don’t need motivation to speed them up, they need education to turn them around!” Here are a few simple steps to get yourself turned around, when the road you’re on has been a path of frustration and not the direction of your dreams.

1. This may seem obvious, but Stop What You’re Doing!
So often in the grips of desperation we continue on pushing further, even when it’s not working, and not getting us what we want! We’re afraid that if we stop, it means that we’re lazy, unmotivated, or worse yet, didn’t really want “it” to begin with. Being deeply committed to a dream means allowing yourself the time to reevaluate and regroup, moving forward with clearer focus and better information.

2. Admit That You Don’t Know.
I love being right as much as the next person! Sometimes as a coach, I feel like I should have all the answers, but the truth and reality is from time to time we are all going to be in a position where we just don’t know why something isn’t working, which leads me to the next step…..

3. Seek Outside Expert Advice
I have worked with some pretty phenomenal coaches over the years, and have witnessed time and again just how much easier my life can become when I take the time to seek outside expert advice. If our dishwasher breaks down, most of us have no problem in calling in an expert, yet when it comes to our weight, our careers, our businesses, our lives, we feel like we have to go it alone. Give yourself the gift of a little support, and get the help of someone who does know what to do when you don’t.

4. Protect Your Dream
Usually when we’re deeply committed to pushing ahead in spite of unfavorable results, there is an emotional component to our desire. The success or failure in achieving it, speaks of our abilities and defines our self-worth. This is the dominion of dreams. When seeking advice or help, be gentle with yourself and insist that others are too. Input should be constructive and creative, building on what’s working, correcting what’s not, and tearing down nothing.

So if you’re faced with an insurmountable problem, or stuck on a treadmill of unproductive action, stop, take time, breathe, and get some help. It may be all it takes to turn you around on the road from failure to fulfillment!

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