If you find that your resume or CV has been doing the rounds but is seeming to yield no interview calls then perhaps you need to take a long hard look to see what is wrong with it. There are a number of free resume sites that will offer the bare bones of how to write a resume, but you need to take a look and see what is wrong with the resume you have prepared in order to weed out the mistakes. So if you are not getting the calls you expect, check the following:

1. Is all the contact information clearly and correctly stated in your resume? Just one digit in a phone number being inaccurate or a missing period in an email address could mean that there is a person who has been trying to contact you but has not been able to.

2. Have you stated your objective clearly at the top of the resume template? The person reading the resume should immediately be able to understand what you are about and if you have the qualifications and experience for the job being applied for.

3. The job you are applying for probably requires a functional resume rather than a chronological resume. Or the kind of work experience and skills you possess will probably be best highlighted in a functional resume. In the chronological format these may not be best highlighted. So see that you pick the right kind of resume format for your particular skills and abilities.

4. You should tailor your resume to the requirement of the particular job. You cannot hope that the same sample resume will do for each different job that you apply for. Appropriate editing and/or additions would be required for each resume to be according to requirement. Sending a generic resume for every job is not the right approach. An employer is probably looking for someone who knows at least something about the organization and is conversant with its position in the market and/or history.

5. If you are posting your CV online for the many job sites then does it have the requisite keywords relating to the industry or field within which you are looking for a placement? The presence of keywords appropriate for the job being applied for is essential to be placed within the body of your resume sample in order that the prospective employer’s search can yield immediate results.

6. If you are not sure why your resume is not working for you and yielding the kind of interview calls that you can rightly be hoping for, then perhaps it is a good idea to have someone go over your resume to see to its suitability and appropriateness. Choose a person with experience or choose a professional to critique your resume. While it is possible to have your resume professionally written, many of us may want to write it by ourselves since we ourselves know our own best abilities. However getting a professional critique for a self written resume could be a good idea.

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