Did you know that you are ten times more likely to make a change in your life by setting a New Year's resolution than someone who does not set one? That gives you pretty good odds to stack against making no resolution this year at all. You are even more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down as this opens your subconscious to begin working on your behalf to bring it to fruition.

You may be open to the idea of setting a resolution this year and thinking about last year and how hard it was to achieve any of the goals that you set for yourself. You may not have set any goals for last year at all. Maybe you are one of those rare people who set a goal, wrote it down and achieved that goal. This is the time to celebrate accomplishment and allow yourself to bask in the glory of your efforts. We sometimes never take the time needed to appreciate what we have done or achieved. Take that time now before you move on to bigger and better things.

Whatever you decide to do for the new year ahead in the way of resolutions, be aware that the year in front of you is all about choices. Who do you want to be going forward? As you look back at this last year, what do you notice about your situation or circumstances that has not moved forward, changed or grown in the way you had wished? Did you make intentions last year for change or did you make a choice to stay the same? Some people may argue that they never made a choice to stay the same, but to state it truthfully, by making no effort to change then a choice is silently made to stay the same.

What patterns have you repeated throughout this year that most likely will continue to resound into the years to come if not addressed? What are you not willing to give up in order to further your own growth? These are difficult yet curious questions to be asking ourselves as a new year rolls around for us again.

In order to make real change in our lives we must have more than a desire for change, but an actual need for change. My friend who has battled cancer over the past year has been pushed into a decision to change in order to stay alive and fit for the fight. Sometimes the pain of not making a choice for change becomes too unbearable and we give up after never trying at all to make a difference. Sometimes we blame others for never making their own changes thus affecting the way our lives have turned out.

James Ray, author of Harmonic Wealth, states that real change happens when we "go for three, our thoughts, feelings and actions." Our thoughts must line up with our feelings and then our actions toward those goals will produce the results we seek.

The excuses for not making change that have been haunting you into repeating your past can be changed now. You can make a choice for a different career, a different relationship or a different life altogether. Choose your goals wisely this year by feeling the real desire for what you want. Put your thoughts and feelings into action by writing your goals and reading them on a regular basis and even reciting them to yourself. Now, you have just increased your chances of success for the year to come by ten fold.

Author's Bio: 

Rebecca is a Certified Professional Life Coach who passionately helps women empower healthy relationships with their partners, children, coworkers and friends because she knows that women thrive and flourish best when their relationships are healthy and solid. She draws from her life experience in the corporate world, as well as a mom, wife and grandmother to relate with women who are hungry for more passion and meaning in their lives. Visit her website at www.mybiglifecoaching.com for resources and information.