Hiring an employee is an extremely costly process for any organization. And when an employer involve themselves in activities of recruitment, they expect to find a candidate who would make an ideal fit in their company. This article states the skills and qualities that makes for a perfect candidate.

1. Communication skills

Communication skill is perhaps the most important soft skill soughed by employers while making a hiring decision. Effective communication leads to efficient ways of expressing. Whether or not your nature of job demands direct communication with clients or other employees, excellent communication skills acts as an ice breaker in an interview. If you have a great hold in your written and verbal communication, then you are more likely to get selected.

2. Goal orientation

As an active job seeker, the skill of goal orientation makes you an ideal choice of candidate for an employer. You should be able to demonstrate the results achieved through your goal oriented mind-set. Employers hire candidates so that they could facilitate achievement of an organization goal. Candidates who are motivated with their future goals are highly looked after by an employer.

3. Positive attitude

Believe it or not, every individual carry an energy of their own. Positive energy sets the mood of an organization and the people working in it. Besides, it is of utmost importance to develop positive attitude to see things in different perspective. In a high paced work environment where things changes at a speed of light, positive outlook could help in easy adaptability and flexibility.

4. Problem solving

Problems are eminent and only an individual with problem solving approach could solve complex problems in an organization. An individual should be able to interpret, analyse and draw inferences through open mind from the facts and should facilitate an organization with their problem solving approach. An attitude of 'can do' is welcomed by an employers.

5. Integrity

Honesty establishes trust and organizations would turn to dust if not built on trust. In a professional world you would be lured by many opportunities that would compel you to lie. However, individuals who could retain their integrity even in the times of difficulty are exactly the type of candidates employer looks for.

6. Updated skills and knowledge

We are living in a world where everything is changing at blink of an eye. Candidates must have exemplary skills and knowledge for their applied job role. After all the mere purpose of hiring a candidate is to get the work done. Get certified each time you learn a new skill and try to implement that skill in your everyday work life.

7. Self-motivated

You're an ideal candidate if you don't need motivation from external sources to fuel up. Candidates are usually self-motivated when they enjoy the kind of work they do. Companies finds it better to work with individuals who are fuelled with self-motivation and confidence, and not with doubt and lethargy.

It is the quality of a candidate that makes them good or bad for an organization. Acquiring these qualities would make you ideally fit for any organization.

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