Varicose veins can be treated to boost your self-esteem and overall health. No treatment is ideal for all, and the best varicose vein specialist provides many treatment options. These options include radiofrequency ablation in New York. This post walks you through the benefits of this treatment option:

You Don’t Go Through a Surgical Procedure

Varicose veins are treated through an invasive procedure to remove affected veins from a patient’s body. The patient will be administered general anesthesia before the procedure to avoid pain or discomfort. But, only patients with healthy pulmonary and cardiovascular systems would qualify. Moreover, because of the big incisions made to eliminate the veins, the patient would need to go through an uncomfortable and lengthy recovery process. 

No Recovery Time

Because radiofrequency ablation is non-invasive, you don’t go through a recovery process. If you go through an invasive procedure, you will need to take a few weeks of recovery time and observe restrictions to your everyday activities for several weeks. 

After you get radiofrequency ablation for varicose veins, you can return to your schedule for the day. But, you should try to avoid driving yourself. Instead, it is best to ask someone to drive you around. 

Minimal Preparation

With radiofrequency ablation, you don’t have to do lots of preparations for it. All you should do is fast for many hours, avoid taking some medications and supplements for days, also avoid smoking and consuming alcohol. 

When you consult with your chosen varicose vein specialist, you will be given a list of pre-treatment instructions. These include removing your jewelry before the appointment, wearing comfortable clothes, and arranging for somebody to drive you home. 

Most People Qualify for It

Because of the stringent medical prerequisites, many people can qualify for radiofrequency ablation. To know if you are a good candidate for it, you should schedule an initial consultation with a doctor. A varicose vein specialist will consider adults who have realistic expectations on the treatment’s preparation, treatment, and post-treatment recovery as good candidates. 

Safety and Efficacy

While radiofrequency ablation is as effective as invasive vein removal procedures, it provides benefits that coincide with non-invasive treatments like minimal preparation, fast recovery, and no downtime. Moreover, the treatment is safer than other techniques such as laser vein removal. For instance, laser vein removal is safe only for those who have fair skin. With laser energy, dark skin tones can be bleached. Also, laser energy can lead to serious burns. 


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