If your divine blueprint has all the information you require for your perfect life, then it makes sense that you want to line up with what you already agreed for your life. Alignment with your divine blueprint is also called OBEDIENCE -- and of course there is another article by that name! Obedience is higher than what you think or feel, because it comes from the Spirit rather than the Soul. Obedience is like going on a treasure hunt: each time you obey the God in you, it takes you to a new place where you get the next clue, and the next. The end result is so much more magnificent than you can imagine!

I find that when I am truly aligned to what my divine blueprint has for me, it is always better, higher, more outrageous than what I think is possible for my life. It’s as if my God self attempts to tell me that I am to be a great leader, teacher, model of the divine feminine, or whatever, and my little human self goes “what?!” The blueprint is part of God in you, and it’s always going to be more creative and courageous than you think possible. I would hope that God has bigger plans and pictures than I do; otherwise, what would be the point of all that inner listening and alignment?

One day the disciples were walking with Jesus, and came across a man possessed by demons. According to the story, the disciples were not able to cast out this demon; however, Jesus could and did. When they were alone together, the disciples asked Jesus about this: “Why could we not cast it [the demon] out?” And he says to them, Because of your little faith: for truly I say to you, If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, Be moved from this place to that; and it will be moved; and nothing will be impossible to you.”

What is the faith of the mustard seed? It is the mustard seed’s ability to grow into a mustard plant! That mustard seed doesn’t feel like a victim or need therapy because it’s not an acorn and can’t grow into an oak tree. It knows it is a mustard seed and does its utmost to be the best possible mustard plant. We each have a plan or pattern, written into our very cells, that allows us to grow a ________ (insert your name) tree. There’s an old story about Rabbi Ezra who died and went to heaven, where he came up before the Most High God flanked by Moses and Abraham. Timidly, Rabbi Ezra apologized to God for not being more like Moses. God replied, "I didn't want you to be like Moses. I didn't want you to be like Abraham. I want to know why you were not fully Rabbi Ezra."

That God in you doesn’t want you to be someone else – God wants you to be YOU. Your blueprint tells and shows you how to be you – after all, everyone else is taken! You don’t have to be perfect in someone else’s judgment or follow anyone else’s path. You get to be you, a unique, God-filled vessel here to learn how to co-create with something much bigger than your human self. You get to be excellent in your own way, regardless of anyone else’s expectations. You get to do your best, reach for the highest, and leave a footprint that blesses everyone around you. You get to be the One to do what you are uniquely able to do, serving at the level for which you are uniquely qualified.

Alignment with your divine blueprint really is the best and most important thing for you to focus on. The best part is that this service or assignment will always be something you are passionate about! That’s the prime way of knowing what you are here to do: it calls to you, urges you to take action, learn, or give in that direction. One person feels a strong desire to help children; another longs to have a great marriage, or write a marvelous symphony. We each have different passions, and come equipped with the talents and programs to bring them to fruition. That’s what your divine blueprint is all about!

It’s quite easy to see when you are not in alignment with your divine blueprint: when there is pain, struggle and chaos, or when you are enslaved by mediocrity or other people’s false expectations. You are not in alignment if your mind chatter allows you to be less than your best, or when it keeps you from your best because of belief in ‘I can’t’, ‘I won’t’, worry, judgment or unforgiveness. You aren’t in alignment if you indulge in Pharisee ways (petty rules), hatred, greed, grudges, or victim consciousness. (These are the five conditions that Geotran will not work on.)

Looking at people who are unmistakably connected to their own divine blueprints, I’ve found seven characteristics; see if you can track these components in your own life…

1. There is a sense of SURPRISE when you finally ‘get’ your assignment.

2. That includes a strong sense of RECOGNITION. Even if you find yourself in some highly unusual position, there is an inner sense of familiarity, an internal “of course” about what you are doing and how you fit into that course of action.

3. THE PAST MAKES SENSE; you can see how your varied experiences suddenly leap into a useful form, one that shows a useful pattern.

4. You have the THE RIGHT SKILLS, or learning them is like remembering instead of learning from scratch. Inevitably it’s more by accident than design, but your skills are perfect for your assignments.

5. You are BLOCKED when going in the wrong direction. You don’t get the job you wanted, or stress blocks you from your next step. Maybe your health gets in the way of your success in that particular direction. Then you realize you’re supposed to be doing something different!

6. There is a sense of PASSIONATE RIGHTNESS when going in the right direction. Even if no one else appreciates your efforts or their results, you will know when you have reached that point because there is a sense of transcendence, of being the right part at the right time and place to make up an integral part of a larger whole.

7. You have GEOTRAN in your energy fields, meaning you have the sense of all possibilities.

Thus, following your blueprint will include surprise and recognition; the past makes sense, and you find you have the exact training you require. Furthermore, you will notice you have been blocked from other paths, and find a passionate rightness when you do find the right vocation for you.

Undoubtedly, the next question will be: “What does my blueprint say? If my blueprint is coded into every cell, how can I read my own records and get to know my own blueprint?” Well, there are also seven steps to uncovering your divine blueprint, and these are the seven components of passion (for which see the article called What Is Your Passion?)

1. What do you LOVE?

2. What do you KNOW?

3. What do you DESIRE?

4. What do you EXCEL AT?

5. What do you FOCUS ON?

6. What do you SEE that others don’t?

7. What do you need to INTEGRATE?

So in order to find out what your blueprint holds for you, notice what you love, consider what you know, and identify what you desire. Look at what what excellence means to you. This tells you what to focus on, which in turn shows you the problems that you are here to solve. Once all these are identified, you can set and integrate your goals, and at the same time bring your human and divine pyramids back into alignment. Being in alignment is your best bet for finding out – or remembering – who you truly are. Once you know that, you are reading your records and living your divine blueprint. And then you can really create your great life!

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Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran human programmer and integration coach. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara; she helps high-flyers all over the world to create their rich, delicious lives. Find out how human reprogramming can help you soar! Sign up now for your FREE one-hour strategy session at http://www.ART-of-Integration.com/consultation.