We learned very early in life that it is imperative to brush our teeth at least twice a day. We also learned that we must take a bath, wash our hair, cut and clean our nails and dress respectably; that we have to eat three meals a day, making sure that the diet is balanced. The truth is most of us more or less follows these elementary rules. The problem however is that, as soon as we become adults, things get complicated.
Some of us have cavities that have to be plugged by a dentist –sometimes with mercury fillings and ensuing side effects.
Some of us develop skin irruptions, i.e., acne, eczema, psoriasis and even skin cancer after doing the best we can, and nothing seems to work.
Some of us become obese with a defective thyroid gland or diabetic with a pancreatic malfunction; and some of us have lupus or gout with no explanation; and, worst yet, some of us have an incurable cancer and have to be cut in little pieces before finally being gratified with the ultimate freedom – death.
The question is what have we done wrong?
Well, we all suffer from some form of narcissism!
We have been raised to ignore our true selves to the point of losing tract with our own reality –both intrinsically and extrinsically.
The people who loved us the most failed to give us a chance to listen to and follow our bodies’ rhythms!
Nothing explains why mother had to buy that five pound bag of sugar every Saturday and make or buy all those tasty treats -- desserts that we eat on a full stomach. Now, we are poor, middle or upper class with lupus or gout –diseases that were reserved for the kings – whose subjects had good reasons to adulate them.
We basically do not know when we are hungry or thirsty. We have the appetite of the civilized man, and our bodies are deregulated. We don’t even know what we look like anymore. We continue to wear the same tight jeans and don’t realize that our bellies are cut in half with only a fraction zipped in the pants, with the other three quarters bulging up or down in a very grotesque way. But our dads continue to tell us how good we look when we are dashing out the door, and we believe it. We are arrogant and aggressive – demanding respect and admiration – without any foundation, thus our generalized narcissism and impossibility to cultivate and develop a good relationship with anyone.
Besides, we look better than our mom and dad -- who weigh 300 pounds each and/or have had several piece of skin pulled, cut and tucked. They have at least high blood pressure, diabetes and/or depression. By this time, they are bipolar if not schizophrenic. We are on top of the world, digging our graves with our sweet teeth.
It runs in the family!

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Although I work in the legal field, my favorite hobby is health and healing. I enjoy learning and sharing what I have learned for the past decades, and I humbly beg you to read and comment my articles.