When it comes to handling B2B transactions in the best possible way, what better way than using a SAP Ariba PunchOut. B2B customers have a complex ordering process as it comes with approval workflow. The PunchOut protocol is designed to accommodate B2B ordering process and make it easier for large customers to place an order. Large corporates and government organizations are increasingly demanding PunchOut from their suppliers to process their day-to-day business transactions.

A SAP PunchOut catalog essentially connects SAP or Ariba procurement system with the supplier’s site. No manual efforts needed to maintain products. When PunchOut has been implemented properly, all it takes is a single click for the buyer to access the supplier’s catalog from his procurement application. In other words, buyers get a one-click shopping experience, in turn offering convenience and simplicity while placing orders.

As a supplier, you can reap plenty of advantages of using SAP Ariba PunchOut. Some of them are discussed below:

Boost Customer Relationship

One of the biggest advantages of this PunchOut protocol is that you are in a position to offer customized content to your B2B buyers. Buyers are able to access a catalog that is created as per their requirements. All the categories and sub-categories, as well as the product pricing in the catalog, is pre-approved. Also, the buyer gets direct access to his contract catalog from within his own procurement system. It eliminates the tedious task of browsing through non-contract products. This ability to provide customized content can go a long way in boosting B2B/B2G customer relationship.

Change Catalog Content Effortlessly

As a supplier, you will face no problem in changing catalog content. This is particularly beneficial when you are required to update catalog content frequently. As we all know, with CIF catalog, modifying catalog content is one of the most painful activities. However, PunchOut catalog makes it an effortless process. Whether you want to add new products or change product pricing, it can be done easily with PunchOut. Also, unlike the CIF catalog, you don’t have to create a whole new file to make small changes in the catalog. So when you are selling thousands of products, it is advised to implement PunchOut, which will make it easy for you to update and maintain the catalog.

Offer Complex Product Configurations Easily

CIF catalog can be problematic if you are selling configurable products. CIF catalog being a line-item catalog doesn’t have any functionality to represent configurations. On the other hand, with PunchOut catalogs, you can easily represent configurations, no matter how complex they are. This is one of the biggest perks of implementing SAP Ariba PunchOut that can help you to display a variety of product configurations without any problem.

Display Products in an Attractive Way

A PunchOut catalogs allows you to display products the way you want. As a supplier, you get the flexibility to present the products as per your liking. For instance, you can have multiple images for a single product in PunchOut catalog. You can also implement different branding strategies to grow your business. It is also possible to create customized promotions, offer recommendations in the form of upsells and cross-sells.

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