Hearing loss patients often get confused about the number of options when it comes to hearing aids. There are so many new inventions and emerging technologies you get to hear about hearing care industry. One of the latest techniques is “digital hearing aids” or “digital programmable hearing aid”.

Nowadays, all the high-quality hearing aids are digital. What do you understand by this?

It means that hearing aid has a tiny digital processor built in, just like a miniaturized computer. The sound coming into hearing aid is converted to a digital signal is processed by the computer and converted back to the audible sound which is heard by when you place your hearing aid. The digital processor is programmed to treat loud sounds differently than softer sounds and reduce any distortion

The entire process may seem to be difficult enough, but the best way to improve the quality and clarity as well of the incoming sounds, compensate the hearing loss of the individual. Nowadays, hearing aids are not simple amplifiers; they are extremely sound processing devices.

Most of the modern hearing aids are programmable. It includes an audiologist who fits your hearing aid; create a custom program for the hearing aid’s computer, that is well customized to your hearing loss. If your hearing loss changes, the lifestyle also changes with time, the audiologist can adjust the program to suit the new situation.

In some store, you will get “personal sound amplifiers”, at very low cost. Actually, these devices are hearing aids. They are not programmable devices and do not have digital processing. Due to equal amplification, loud sounds become louder. They amplify all frequencies that you can hear quite well without amplification.

Digital Programmable has been introduced now, and this technology is fast more effective than any other method of hearing.

Digital Technology helped us to create an effective solution for an extensive range of hearing difficulty and tailored hearing aids to the specific needs. Digital Hearing Aids provide you with the best sound than before and let you identify and enhance speech over background noise and allow you to adjust their volume based on your environment.

Digital Hearing Aids can be fitted comfortably behind the ears and let you live life to its fullest.

AANVII Hearing Solutions Bangalore is a specialized center for people with Hearing disorders having the aim to improve the lives of people suffering from hearing issues with the help of cutting-edge techniques.

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Hearing Aids in Bangalore is a specialized centre for people with Hearing disorders. Our objective is to help improve lives of people suffering from hearing problems using ultra modern techniques and technology.