Water is the most common and powerful dream which symbolises the dangerous, mysterious and destructive things. But without water bodies we cannot live in that place also. These dreams about water can have a both positive and negative meaning. 

dream about water

  • In general water represents the unconscious were the place our minds go and the thoughts we are not paying attention. If you are in the underwater in a dream then this might indicate a feeling drowned or overwhelmed or swallowed up by unconscious emotions, thoughts and memories which urges you. 

  • Dreams about water are often associated with the emotions and the expression. The surface of the water represents the difference between the consciousness and unconsciousness where the type, shape, motion and other characteristics of the water expresses these conscious and unconsciousness. 

  • Water in a dream also represents the maternity for a female which is associated with the womb the very beginning of the life is the primal feeling associated with your mother or your desire to become mother with the connection to maternal figures, earth, god or pregnancy

  • Water is also associated with the spiritual or religious belief. 

How to interpret about dream with water

How to interpret about dream with water

Dreams about water with interpret like the cleanliness of water, is it clear pure or polluted, depth of the water. You need to be familiar with whether it is deep or shallow, quality of water, whether it is transparent or opaque, cold or warm, ominous or peaceful.  Motion of the water like it is still rolling, flowing smoothly, or choppy and turbulent. Is there a drought or too much of water is flooding in the dream?

  • Dreaming about the ocean represents the state of your emotion and limitlessness of the unconscious and sprit. It is often associated with the meditation, retreat and tranquility. Sometimes it also indicates the powerful forces from nature which cannot be controlled. 

  • Dreams about water with riding waves represent the positivity in your life where effectively you manage emotions and difficult challenges in life. 

  • Dreaming about river represents the life journey and emotional psychological and spiritual state to support your journey. Crossing rover in dream may represent the overcoming obstacles or moving from one stage to another in life.

  • Dreaming about waterfall is related to the great release of your emotion, regenerating and renewal of spirit. It is also related with sexual connection and lot more is there which is associated with the nature.

  • If you dream about the bath tub or shower, then it represents the cleanliness of the spirit and he true emotions without any bad thoughts.

  • Dreaming pond represents very positivity in life because in the pond many creatures and living things will be living so it is like giving life to many peoples who ever is surrounded by you.

Dreaming of water in dream in a positive way is like shedding your emotions, your positivity in life, overcoming some emotions and passing through the challenges you are facing in the life. Negativity of dreams about water is natural calamities, overwhelming of emotions, shedding your tears, emotionally facing troubles in life, or going to face the water scarcity in the place you living.

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Carol J. Aguilar is a professional and expert and psychic medium. Her gifts manifested when she was still five years old. She has always been seen with extreme clairvoyance and extraordinary abilities to unravel some of the mysteries of the day-to-day world.
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