Let me ask you this: What is being your Legacy to the world? How is your perception of yourself? How are you projecting to the people around you? Is it consistent with who you are? What Meaning you are giving to your Life? What you Stand for?

Yes! I know… These are very deep questions that send our consciousness right straight to the deepness of our soul’s wisdom. (If your mind let it, of course!) But, PLEASE think about it!

We all are known for something.  Right! It is real that, sadly, some people are known for their “negative ways” or dysfunctional qualities.  And they occupy a place in the people’s mind not quite respectful.   Well, we actually have “something” that spots us among the rest of the world.  So… What about you... What are you known for?

Some people are well known and positioned (socially speaking) as result of what they do.  Others even don’t having much; they let themselves visible to the people.  Not only working hard but also giving much as result of their self-awareness of who they are.  And also there is who is known for what they have become. 

No matter the platform (love/fear), people can be famous by doing “the good” and also by doing “bad” things, right?  People also can give much and even spiritually aware may choose have a hidden agenda and dark purposes.  The thing is, we show a face to the world.  We choose what we share.  We do have a purpose in every action we make.  Consciously or not we are pursuing a result to satisfy a need created by our mind. The question is: Our manifestations are describing who we are?  If what people know you for is not a congruent description of yourself, then you are sending the wrong message.

There are three guidelines I keep in my conscious mind that really helps me to keep clean my purpose and my manifestation of it. 

Keep tracking the power of Your Presence.  Presence is what communicates when you are not talking.  It means that who you are is sending a constant message to the world and is crucial that you get aware of it.  My presence has an impact.  Unless I don’t become aware of my “come from” and the message of my own energy, I’ll be easily misplacing myself on the people experience of me. 

Be the Change.  People love drama.  Be Simple is not simple any more.  For the world, it’s just crazy to think that “things” are simple.  We just love to complicate everything even when it doesn’t give any true happiness.  People walk their path unaware of their spirituality.  Living in sickness and identifying themselves with their mind instead their soul.  People just stopped walking the road of life in discovery; they walk to reaffirm what they already know. 

So, my point is: You actually believe that you are a leader? Then be the miracle, Be the Change. Dare to set things straight around you!  Interrupt mediocrity where you see it and whenever you see it. Express yourself; let people know what you stand for!  Keep everything simple to be able to deliver a clean message of high-context love and be a living example of it.  If you think about it, this is what legacy leadership it’s all about. 

You always have a Choice. Maybe you have experience many scenarios and circumstances in your life, that in some way, you hold them responsible of the result of who you are today.   And, that’s not wise at all.  As leader you should be asking yourself what you are choosing in Life. And, how does it impact the way people see you?  Be serious about it.  Answer that to your inside and take the lead in the kind of life you deserve.  One surrounded by plenitude, success and love. Aren’t you agree? I definitely believe that you are a GIFT! It’s your call to show it!   Here’s how:

Keep Life Simple
Have a Clear Purpose
Have a Niche
Be Example and Source

Transformation doesn’t happen in a material level but in spiritual level.  And as leaders we have a choice.  Be a full minded-practical leader or a Full spiritual-hearted-practical Leader.  If you truly know where and for what you’re standing for in your life, people will know you as the best version of yourself.  As the contribution you were born to be.  Connected with your purpose and mastery, aligned with everything that Is… you’ll be choosing wisely.  Trust in you as many people trust you; even when you don’t know they do. 

Mother Theresa said: When you’re successful you win false friends and true enemies.  Be Successful anyways!  The question at the end of the day is:  Are you willing to pay the price that comes with true leadership?  

If you are known for something; let it be for your passion for Life, your simple ways to create, your stand for Truth, Freedom and a Meaningful Life.  Make it possible... Make it count!

Author's Bio: 

Saritza Zambrana is founder of Fine Edge Coaching, a company devoted to teaching high caliber leaders to reach up their mastery manifestation in their life. And how create a highly successful and meaningful personal and professional life attracting and evoking spiritual community in their leadership practice. Creator of high-impact master leadership programs in Puerto Rico. Certified Coach, transformational trainer, Yoga teacher and Latin magazine collaborator. To experience Saritza's coaching access: http://www.fineedgecoaching.com or Visit http://thefineedgecoaching.blogspot.com/