Human life reaches perfection only when the couple attains prosperity. Otherwise, marriage is miserable and meaningless. The goal of marriage itself is to keep the individual's future generations from decaying. Myths and many other scientific texts make the same point.

When looking at the astrology of men and women who are getting married, it is important not only to match them but to look closely at their planetary and planetary strengths. The matching test covers all the issues that come up after the wedding, but the importance of planetary status is important. Even though there are ten conflicts, two conflicting horoscopes can be combined with both pure and harmful spirits.

For example, people of other religions do not usually see horoscopes. When one looks at the problem, one has to look at the horoscope as well. Some have children, but they also suffer ill health and debility. Some do not have any children. This is because when the horoscope or planet in their horoscope comes to an end, there will be weakness, stupidity, misery, sinfulness and sinful eyes. It is also the cause of great distress. Here all the animals enjoy the fruits of their karma, which they did in the pre-natal death. A wise God who is well versed in astronomy has the power to think and solve horoscopes and problems alike. It is customary if the problem is related to horoscope.

If the horoscope or problem is found in the Child , the only solution to the problem is to get married.

Jupiter, Jupiter fifth appearance Whether sinners stand or look at the fifth aspect,

Neither the wealth of the Son will ever produce anything, even if the 5th lord joins in with the sinners, the fifth lord does not have sinful eyes, does not receive a glimpse or gaze in the above mentioned positions, mediates the sinful state, and the son-in-law is in a bad position.

Scorpio, intermittent. If the constellations of Virgo and Jupiter are in the 5th phase, then the birth of the son will come only after a long time. 4, 7, 10, sinners and lunar organs are the signs of extinction.

Whether Venus, Mercury, in the 7th, or Jupiter in the 4th, or Moon in the fifth, 7, 12, 01, the sinful planets in these conjunctions will cause destruction.

Fifth appearance Whether it is a Shani temple, a Mercury temple, a pseudo-Saturn or a meeting with their eyes, or a weakness of the lord and the seventh lord, it is a symptom of adoption.

Think of the horoscope and the problem of the offspring as a solution to the suffering of the former, and the offspring gain. For the benefit of the offspring, one must also perform the evil plan of charity, burnt offering and other good works which are given to the planets.

Sethu Baptism Kirtanam, Sath Katha
Pujam Shambho Sreepate Sadhvratani
Dharma Shraddham Karma Naga Dedication
Kuriya Desai: Rapunayatsamsa:

Seth Baptism, Sat Kathaksha, Siva Puja, Vishnu Puja, Sat Vratas, Dana, Shraddha and Naga Pratishtha are all sad remedies. If there is no such thing as atonement or judicial power, there will be no man and woman who are capable of producing offspring.

Good luck.

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Author Bio : Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years practical experience in astrology. She is regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.