Islam is the most practised religion in the world. Muslims are present in almost every region of the world. It is the psychology of every Muslims to get to know about their religion, its virtue acts, and its aspects. Appearing to Allah Almighty five times a day is obligatory to every Muslim. And before we appear to Allah we purify ourselves by Wadu.

It is the most asked question by Muslims that what the mandatories of Wadu are? What is the Sunnah of the Wadu? So today I came here to throw some light on what the mandatories of Wadu are and Sunnah of the Wadu! They are described as follow,

Mandatories of Wadu:

There are four Mandatories of Wadu as follow,
• To wash the face once.
• To wash the two arms together with elbows once.
• To do the Masah on a fourth of the head, that is to rub a wet hand softly on it.
• To wash the feet, together with ankle bone.

Sunnah of doing the Wadu:

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) used to do the following things while he does Wadu. There are eighteen Sunnah of doing the Wadu,

• Recitation of Bismillah before starting the Wadu.

• Before starting washing hands including the wrists three times.

• To resin the mouth, throat three times and use fresh water each time.

• Wash both nostrils three times.

• To wash the face three times. So that the unseen part of the mouth such as skin behind the eyebrows, and skin behind the beard and moustache must get wet.

• To do the masah on the hanging part of the beard.

• To comb the hanging part of the beard with fingers.

• To do muswak.

• To wash the skins in between the fingers.

• To do the masah of head and neck.

• To wash the arms and elbow three times.

• Rub the limbs washed.

• Wash the limbs one right after another quickly.

• First, you have to wash hands, then the mouth, then nostrils, then limbs, then masah this is the order.

• And takbir while doing the Masah of the head.

• doing the Niyah of the Wadu in the heart.

• To recite the second Kalma after doing Wadu.

These are the Sunnah of doing the Wadu. I think it should be very much helpful to you. If you want to have the detailed account of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) then you must go to the cities which are close to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) or where the peoples are spending their lives according to the Sunnah. As the pilgrim to Makkah is the most desire wish of every Muslims. So keeping this in view many travel agencies started offering Hajj & Umrah visa to all the Muslims around the world.

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