Mars is the end of January at Friendship House. It is not only the friendly relations that cause tensions and confrontations might even break even, but also can change your ideas about the lifestyle. 2013 horoscope of Aries in February and March of Mars brings the result of fever, strengthen your immune system! April and its ruling planet results space, and thus also of the fort.


Jupiter this year to help finance the bulls in the first half of the year. If you can, set it aside to form a reserve for times worse! Since July, however, the social life in the favor of fortune to see a planet; to fix a lot of contacts! Only just a few of the complicated relationship from Saturn. In winter, however, may take a trip; up to work abroad or study tours as well. In spring, you can look for a friendship love silly love goddess.


This year with a lot of luck and ingenuity to see your ticket benefits of staying planet Jupiter. Just be careful you do not hízz! Be very moderate in eating! All the more so because they show up someone who is really attracted to you. In the second half of the field instead of money will help the lucky planet.


2013 horoscope of Cancer at the beginning of the year, you might feel that everyone is lucky, but you do not. But that's about to change including July seems to enter the lucky planet, and the world will unfold before you. Until then, use it all the time in the routine. This is the "quiet" period of maturation. The retreat is needed now is a new dream to yourself.


The most challenging period in late winter count. This is the time when relationships are most in need of their care. Neptune passes through the early spring day: a little vague, confusing period will be. Believing that love is, but it may be more mysterious, though definitely intoxicating experiences you'll get. of friends thanks to the donors, the first half of the year, you can set foot on the gods. Since July, however, can only count on yourself. Sometimes all you will feel that it is not.


Pluto is still in the house of relationships involves, unfortunately unpleasant light at an angle to the work and responsibilities through housing Uranus. 2013 horoscope brings difficult to determine due to the revival in what form should look. Not only do you want to be a master of change, but also promote. Instruments, however, it should be sorted. And really, you have to be very flexible!


Be sure not to be at home, not just tuck but also seek the company of others. Now you have to show the world that let you find out who he really is. Of course, beauty is not a good idea; you have to show the fairer Self. Take advantage of the favorable period of Jupiter in the first half of the year! The finance but leave later!


Ruling planet came into the house of their friendship, which is a good connection to a few questionable. Lucky older now, or in the very ilk concluded with friendships. 2013 horoscope proves reliability is paramount consideration. Some friend you might also lose your inhibitions influence of Saturn. But who will stand the test of will.


The house of relationships involving Uranus influence My world, people with attitude undergoes further transformation. The planet Pluto connection due to some of your friends goodbye necessarily warn you. The new is now almost certain to be better than the old one - which links concerns. The press, the public, something new may come into play in your life.

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