When I started my first full semester at college I gained 60 pounds. I was miserable in my body and felt like a victim. During the next two years I tried every diet to lose weight and only succeeded in gaining more. Even though I rode my bicycle all over the large campus of Indiana University and exercised playing tennis and squash at least once per week, I could not lose the weight.

For many years after that I rode the weight rollercoaster until I finally realized that I was not a victim of my body and that there were specific things that my body was telling me. When I discovered this, I came to a point where I could finally control my weight and enjoy living in my wonderful body!

Recently I was reminded of my own weight control journey when I was approached by a client who weighed several hundred pounds and seemed to be gaining more as she obsessed about it. She felt a sense of desperation and needed some support.

When we realize that our bodies are wonderful messengers and reflections of our inner selves we are able to solve the weight problem. I have worked with both clients who are grossly or somewhat overweight as well as those who are obsessed with being underweight, and tend toward unhealthy conditions or habits such as anorexia and bulimia. In all of these cases I have worked with my clients from the inside out.

· An anorexic client realized that she felt the only control she had over her life was in what she ate – or did not eat. When we cleared out the old emotional burden of feeling controlled and manipulated by others, she began to eat healthy and went on to build a successful health and wellness exercise clinic.

· Another somewhat overweight client admitted that she was bored with her life and ate out of frustration. When she consciously cleared old emotional patterns and de-cluttered her home and office she started to lose weight. When she looked for fun and stimulating activities to add to her regular life the weight just naturally fell away.

· A college student who found herself gaining more weight each semester at college finally realized that she was very afraid of her sexuality and felt awkward pushing guys away who made advances. On a subconscious level she felt that if she became fat she would be appreciated for who she was rather than what she looked like. She felt safer inside the wall of fat. When she cleared her hang-ups and learned what she really wanted from life and how to consciously create that, then she was able to lose the weight naturally.

· A very overweight client seemed to gain more weight the more she focused on losing it. She used meridian-based tools already, however she was tapping on the outside layers of fat rather than the issues on the inside that created it. We worked on clearing the predisposition to being fat that she inherited in her DNA, then cleared beliefs about being fat that she had learned as a child and through her life. We focused on the inner boredom that she felt in her life and the sense of being controlled that she sensed. We cleared all sense of victimhood and helped her to clarify what she really wanted in her life after the barriers were broken down to allow this. After this client reclaimed her consciousness and personal power she was able to shift her life and the weight started falling off.

· Another grossly overweight person was hiding some very scary emotional scars beneath her hundreds of pounds of fat. As she neared 500 pounds she asked for help. It seems that under the layers of fat she was hiding some buried hurt, abuse, and some residual violent behavior. She had blocked herself from re-visiting the pain and was protecting others from her violence by stuffing her feelings. Over time this became apparent in her outer life as layer upon layer of fat. This is a classic case of weight control being an inside-out job. After clearing the inside emotional charge the weight loss was a natural process.

If any of the above cases sound familiar, then maybe you are a candidate for support using meridian-based energy psychology tools. You can easily learn to use tapping tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for yourself. These tools quickly, painlessly, and permanently clear emotional issues and charge that you hold in your body’s electro-magnetic field and that support the subconscious beliefs and fears that hold you back from reaching your conscious goals and living the life you most desire. And, there are many of us energy therapy pros that can help you clear the biggest barriers to your success and then support you on your journey to being the best YOU that you can be!

Here’s to your success in your perfect body!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Merkel is an energy psychologist and success coach with extensive experience in corporate management, training, consulting, and facilitating energy clearing using N-hanced EFT, (Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique), a combination of NET and EFT. To learn more about how to start clearing your inner resistance, blockages, and pain, you may download free audio and video recordings plus e-guides from the EFT Resource Center . Anne supports clients world-wide by guiding their conscious life and business transformation, wellness, and clearing of emotional trauma via energy therapy coaching sessions or EFT Coaching Tips.