Just because everyone may be going around hailing “TGIF” does not mean you have to throw in your towel and dive head first into the abundance of platters, dips and tutti-frutti drinks. The days known as Friday and Saturday seem to conjure up images of tossing in the cards in the health and weight loss department and calling it a day or two.
Don't allow people and sabotaging situations to rain or snow on your weight loss goals. Take measures into your own hands and take 100% responsibility for you and your dreams. You’ll be thrilled when Sunday evening rolls around and you’ve been diligent and have called persistence into action. Why not:

~Review your goals, write them down and read them as you meander into the weekend. Feel free to place your written reminders in places that provoke positive actions in the direction of your goals. In sight = In mind.

~Try on motivating clothing to help reinforce why you are being attentive all week long. Hang your inspired duds in conspicuous places to emphasize your visions.

~Call a group of friends and get together for a walk in the park or a hike. Choose an activity that does not include food at the center of its joy and reap the benefits of fresh air and great chatter.

~Go shopping for an after-holiday bargain that flatters your new attitude and shape.

~Take some time for yourself, grab your journal and visit your local coffee spot. Sit and reflect upon all the wondrous progress you have made throughout the past week and set the stage for future successes and achievements.

~Sit your lovely bottom in a massage chair and treat yourself to a pedicure or manicure or both for that matter. Ask a health-friendly girlfriend to go along for the treat and sway your success tactics on your journey toward a lighter you.
BEWARE! Friday and Saturday seem to be days that come with a potential ticket to turmoil when it comes to adhering to our health and wellness goals. Do not allow all your hard work during the week to shake hands with a woeful weekend of snares and stumbling blocks. Stand tall and be proud of you for enduring your healthy ground and being the strong woman you are so capable of exhibiting.

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