Ways to Achieve Your Goals: Become a Money Magnet
Do you struggle with ways to achieve your goals? Would you like to know one of the best ways to become wealthy? Would you like to know a great way to attract money into your life? Then you must learn to become a “Money Magnet”

Learning to become a money magnet is the best way to achieve your goals, at least your money goals and finance goals. It will also help other people. So how do you become a “Money Magnet”?

Have you ever heard the saying “The world is your oyster?” I googled it recently and found that the proverb first appeared in Shakespeare's play 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' (1600). In Act II, Scene II, one of the characters, Falstaff, said “I will not lend thee a penny.” Pistol, another character, responded by saying “Why, then, the world's mine oyster, which I with sword will open.”

Other google searches talked about the fact that oysters usually have pearls and pearls are something to be desired. The free dictionary defines an oyster as “something from which advantage, delight, profit, etc., may be derived” In other words, you have the ability to achieve what you want. Oysters create pearls, which are items of great value. Of course you have to actually get the pearl out of the oyster but that doesn’t take much effort.

When looking to achieve goals, look no further than the analogy of the oyster. You have the ability to achieve anything you want. The world is your oyster and is a place where you can get something of great value with ease. Just like opening an oyster and finding the pearl.

This reminded me of a story when I had lunch before with a family. Funnily enough I skipped the oysters that day. After the meal we were walking back home and one of the young kids found a 10 cent coin. He picked it up, looked at it and was about to throw it on the ground before I stopped him. I said “I’ll have it”. I squeezed it tightly in my palm and said in my mind “I am a money magnet…thank you thank you thank you”.

In order to become successful, we must attract money and respect it, even if it is as little as 10 cents at a time. This very act alone will start to change your subconscious mind and you will start to attract more and more money into your life. The next time you are walking somewhere, take the time to notice the ground and I’ll bet you that you will spot coins just lying there. Pick one up and repeat that you are a money magnet. After this, you will spot more and more coins. For every coin you pick up, say that you are a money magnet.

Helping other people achieve their goals, often those less fortunate is a great feeling . Sure, 10 cents on the ground may not be much to you, but imagine if everyone picked up 10 cents on the ground and put it into a charity box? How good would that make you feel? How many more opportunities would people less fortunate than you have?

If you're open-minded, still have a burning desire and haven't given up your goals, remember becoming a money magnet and then some great things will happen.

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Hi my name is Gary Daly and thanks for reading my article.I am a licensed FIFA football agent and work in sales and marketing.

I have found that the skill to set and achieve goals is the single-most important thing that distinguishes successful people from the rest.

Only a small percentage of people set goals!

Those who don't set goals think that setting goals is a waste of their time. Or they mistakenly believe that they have goals ... when in fact, they have only dreams or wishes.

Still, others have goals ... but they don't have the mindset, skills or habits needed to actually achieve their goals.

Goals can transform your life. Peoples success boils down to one thing: The ability to set and achieve goals.

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