If a patient with epididymitis does not receive the treatment for a long time, when the condition becomes serious, it will bring a lot of harm to the man's body health. He may sigh that it is really too late to repent. Therefore, there are a few simple introduction of epididymitis harm, hoping to remind male patients of timely treatment.

The harm of epididymitis:

1. Reduce sperm motility

After the epididymis is infected by pathogens, some of them, such as E.coli, can directly cause damage to the sperm in the epididymis canal, inhibit the motility of sperm or make sperm agitated, thus reducing its ability to move around. Some pathogens can even stick on the surface of sperm, making it less active or even lost.

2. Block the sperm's path

If it is caused by the pathogen infection such as gonococcus, tuberculosis bacilus and so on, it will not only produce inflammation reaction and damage the sperm, but also easily cause the constriction or blockage of the epididymal lumen, leading to incomplete or complete vas deferens obstruction near the epididymal end.

3. Lead to kidney failure and premature aging

Patients with epididymitis often have some undesirable phenomenon, such as the whole body is weak, the spirit is relatively tired. If left untreated for too long, it will cause many male problems like loss of kidney and energy. In the long run, men may age prematurely. according to experts.

4. Induce dangerous diseases

Epididymitis, if left untreated for a long time, will induce a variety of serious diseases, such as varicocele, prostatitis, endocrine diseases, nephritis, kidney diseases, urinary infection diseases, and so on. In serious cases, it may lead to malignant tumors, seriously threatening the lives of men.

When suffering from epididymitis, timely treatment is essential. Commonly, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of epididymitis has more obvious advantages than that of antibiotics, such as the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

The oral administration can eliminate inflammation, restore the normal shape and function of the epididymis, better regulate the body and supplement the body's healthy qi. It enables the body to reach an optimal state, thus enhancing sperm motility and improving sperm quality. If you want to consult relative questions about these problems, you can send e-mail to herbalistlee@yahoo.com

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