Sound familiar? I was just at a networking event and was speaking to an acquaintance of mine who was telling me her most recent sad story of a resource she hired going “haywire”. She hired a copywriter and was very disappointed with the results. Every time I talk to her, she has another story about how someone didn’t do the work they were supposed to, or someone was too busy to do what they said they would or someone’s work was below standard. It drains me even to listen to her so much that I find an excuse to end the conversation and walk away.

Have you ever talked to a prospective client and they tell you about all of the other resources that they have worked with on a short term but didn’t work out.

There’s something about the “helper” in all of us (along with a bit of “ego”) that wants to be the one to help that person when no one else could.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

This person you are talking to is most likely not an ideal client if they are never happy with the people they have previously worked with and their results. I’ve been there and thought I would be the one to help that person.. Every warning bell and whistle was going off in my head:

Danger! Danger! Danger! Do not work with this person! The only reason I said “yes” was that she was a referral from a really fabulous client of mine. However, I regretted every minute of our work together, as it was not a good experience for me.

Next time, you’re talking to a prospective client and you start hearing those bells go off…stop yourself before you make an offer. Take a deep breath. Ask the person why it didn’t work out with their previous resource?

Listen closely to their answer:

- Maybe it wasn’t a good fit previously and you’re a better fit

- Maybe there were things going on in their life and they couldn’t be fully engaged but now they can

- Maybe they’re at a different point in their business/life where your services are more valuable than before

There can be all sorts of logical reasons for things not working out.

But, sometimes, it’s a pattern where every resource that they have worked with has been a disappointment to them. Those are the people that you want to walk away from. Walk away quickly. Send them love and wish them well.

Do not take them on as a client as they will give you lots of grief and never be happy with anything you deliver. They will drain you. They will be unappreciative of all your talents. That will allow you to keep space open for your ideal clients, which is a much better place to be. Those are the clients that get the amazing results, that are thrilled to be working with you, send lots of referrals and there’s a great connection.

When I was a flight attendant and we had a "pain in the butt' passenger, my attitude was I was only stuck with them for a few hours...someone else had to live with them. You have a choice. You are not stuck in a pressurized cabin with them!

Sometimes that will be easy to do…other times, especially when you really need the money or hate to be the bad guy and say “no”, it’s difficult.

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Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders

Mindset, Money & Marketing Expert

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