In the dynamic Health & Beauty Industry, there seems to be an increasing demand of High End & Luxury Spas in Delhi. Consumers are well aware of the long term benefits of keeping good health & the importance of the appointing the right kind health club services. The fading lines of differentiation between salon & spa services in Delhi are evident to the fact that Weight Loss & Fitness Centers in Delhi are a parallel industry. Consumers today have a wide choice of joining many such institutions in hope of reaping positive results.

In the current scenario, Weight Management is synonymous with having a healthy body. Three Graces is one such brand which specializes in offering a wide array of beauty and fitness services with the mantra of all around fitness. It is one such spa which has evolved as a wholesome experience option for consumers in Delhi & NCR to visit and rejuvenate their mind, body & soul.

This Spa has eliminated the distinction between fitness centers, spas, salons & dieticians. This versatile brand offers complete Gym services, Amenities, Health Education from trained personnel not usually available at other utilitarian facilities. Along with its extensive list of therapeutic massages ranging from rejuvenation to detoxifying and exquisite 'treatments' it also provides the latest and sophisticated equipments at its Gym in West Delhi that is spread over 5,000 square feet.

The Aerobic Studio is well accommodated with advanced training sessions and group activity that is choreographed at different intensity levels depending upon the stamina and fitness levels of the individuals in the classes which make it easier for beginners to go with an aerobic regime which best suits oneself. Aerobics Classes are known for there effective & well-planned schedules with expert trainers who have more than 10 years of experience in aerobic training & the health industry.

Pilates which is now India’s fastest growing health activity preference has almost 9 million participants and growing in India. Their Pilates subscription offers a complete experience to the novice and expert consumer. It is well understood and performed in a supportive atmosphere there to improve breathing patterns, strengthens abs, back and core muscles. The Pilates performed at this Gym in Vasant Vihar have shown steady resulted for members providing with better flexibility, posture, strength and enhanced body alignments.

At this Best Spa in Delhi, it is believed pacifying your mind is as important as healing and maintaining health, therefore Yoga and Power yoga are practiced here to activate and prepare the mind for Meditation that could relax and calm the mind. As, Meditation and yoga are natural compliments to each other they help and forms a circular relaxation technique that renews the mind, body and soul completely.

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Anju Arora is an avid writer, reader and an 'aesthete'. A digital media marketing enthusiast with prolong experience and understanding of marketing brands online i.e. Salon in Delhi.