You can run but you cannot hide.

Mistakes are a part of your life and you have to learn how to live with them. Small mistakes do not have a big affect in your life. When it comes to big mistakes, it is a different story. You must know how to change these mistakes into success. Big mistakes can have powerful affects in your life. They can change you and your whole life.

Unless you know how to change these mistakes into success, you will keep on making wrong decisions and mistakes. You can find yourself drowning in mistakes but you are the only one who can decide to swim to the shore. Unless you make a decision, you have to wait until a life guard rescues you. Actually there cannot be any at the moment. You want to escape from everything in your life. You can run but you cannot hide.

These times are the hardest ones. You have to overcome everything yourself. There is no help outside. No one can help you or no one wants to help you. I hate these times. You feel all alone and helpless. It seems like there will be no tomorrow. You start recreating the time that you made the mistake and tell the same things to yourself;

• I wish I had not made that mistake, it changed my whole life.
• I wish I knew how to make a better decision.
• I wish I can go back in time and change my decision.
• I wish my life to be as it was once before.

If you really think like that, you must stop now. You are only torturing yourself. Too much worry means too much boundaries. You must learn to pass over everything and decide what you want. Since you keep on like this you can never succeed.
You Have Two Chances

Keep Your Misery and Wish For A Miracle

If you decide to wait, you can wait forever. Nothing will change. Miracles are the results of our actions, unless you act now you cannot expect any miracle. Here is a simple story of how your life will be if you keep on waiting;

1. You will change. Your character will change.
2. You will be more aggressive. You will start to hurt people around you.
3. You will start telling lies to protect yourself, even if you know you are the one who is wrong.
4. You will start talking to yourself loudly; "I said stop it!"
5. Your former mistakes will occupy every breath you take and you will not be able to take a healthy sleep.
6. You will start to escape from your friends and family to hide your mistakes.
7. Maybe you will start drinking, smoking or worse.

Which one of these steps are the ones you want for yourself? Do you really think that you can have a better story than the above? Do not fool yourself and take action NOW!

Decide What you want and act Now

You know that carrying your mistakes like a burden for all your life will not change the mistake at all. Accept your mistake, stop making excuses and living in the past. You made a wrong decision in the past but you are still alive and you can make a new decision. There are some important things which you must know to change your life. You can learn how to change mistakes into success.

1. You must stop living in the past. Bring your complete attention to the present experience. Just focus on what you do and how you feel at the moment. Only this way you can live the moment and make better decisions for tomorrow. The best way to learn how to do this is the mindfulness meditation.
2. You must stop reviewing your mistakes. You have already done this many times and you found yourself guilty. Guilt is the worst torture you can do to yourself. If you keep this feeling you cannot use your mind power to succeed.
3. Try to ignore the voice inside you. If you fail to use mindfulness technique, give your mind something more interesting than the voice inside. You can create an imaginary place where you feel peaceful. You can imagine about your dream holiday or a place where you always want to be.
4. You must also stop your mind wandering. Trying to find something to imagine will not stop your mind wandering. You must find an image and stick with that. Every time you notice that your mind is wandering, remember that image and focus on that.
5. Spend some time with your friends but do not forget to choose them wisely. Some friends like to talk about the problems and the details. Sharing your problems can be helpful but it will also remind you everything you try to escape. Instead you should choose your friends who can focus on your dreams and the future you want. Social support makes you one step closer to success.
6. When the decision time comes, do not think about your mistakes. Reminding yourself about the mistakes will make you afraid to take action and make mistakes again. Stop thinking about the mistakes you will possibly make.
7. Try to remember the times you most felt powerful not the times you made a mistake. Feeling powerful will help you make the right decision under pressure.
The most important thing is; before you make a decision, be sure about what you want at the end. This way you will know which is right for you. If you know what you want, you will know how to get it.

Leave yesterday, live today and succeed tomorrow…

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