We all seek happiness in our life; we all want to find peace, contentment, to be at ease, and feel fulfilled. And yet how often does this really happen, and what is the key to finding this? How can we live a life that provides not only this, but everything else we desire? How do we connect to living a life that is complete with nothing missing? How do we reach point that point in our life where we can become happy? One thing to understand is that life is not about reaching a goal because life is about right now. If we are forever waiting for something to fulfill us and make us happy, waiting for some golden point in the future, then we will be forever waiting.
The point may never truly come when we can be happy if we have created certain necessities for our life in order for us to be so. When we put a time schedule on our fulfillment, then we are determining our happiness in a way that is always at a distance. Now is the only time to be happy--right now, wherever you are, and with whatever you are doing. Do not wait for happiness to come to you, for happiness is not only tied to a point in your future; it can be right now. Everything you need to feel fulfilled is already here. It is the idea of waiting for it that is keeping it away.

By determining your happiness will exist at an ideal moment in the future, you are eliminating it from your life right now. If you were to determine now as the moment you could be happy, would you feel happy? It is the same for your future, for what if you reached that point when you determined your happiness would arrive, and then you didn’t feel it? There would be great disappointment, and you would probably assume you had the wrong moment; that you must still wait to be happy. By making happiness a goal to be gained, we lose the probability of feeling it now. We lose the peace that comes when we acknowledging that where we are now is enough. We give away any contentment we could have when we determine that now is not the moment when we can be happy. We do this so often in life, for there is always something else that will make our lives better and of course it is not what we have or where we are at the moment.

Being happy is not about your timeline, your schedule, or even your future. Happiness happens now because it is the only moment there really is. When we choose to be happy now and are no longer waiting for something to give it to us, we lift a huge weight off our shoulders. We take away the pressure behind the goal of reaching happiness when we accept we can be happy now. We can find peace, contentment, and happiness now with nothing changing or being any different. For now is the moment you are in, and now is when you can feel all of this if you choose to.

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