It is important to note that theoretical information can only help as much, and often, it is crucial to experience the nuances of the job to better understand and improve one’s capabilities for their best performance.

The global pandemic has affected most industries, and working remotely has become a new standard across the globe. It is, therefore, not unusual to assume that the academic world and virtual courses and certifications are also likely to increase in popularity with more people opting to stay at home during these uncertain times.

One of the biggest advantages of virtual internships across the globe is that it is an extremely cost-effective solution for both the employers as well as the interns as compared to the traditional methods. However, virtual internships come with its own set of handicaps, that, while difficult to navigate, are not impossible. Virtual internship in India and elsewhere across the world works towards providing opportunities to people to gain employable and essential skills to help earn a living as an independent and valuable individual of the community.

Why opt for virtual internships?

The several benefits that employers and potential interns are likely to face are high, although not without any hurdles along the way. One of the most favorable factors of working remotely is a superb time management efficiency, and self-control of employees that manage to complete their work within time, without disruptions. While remote working is often viewed as a favorable option, effective and efficient time management skills are a must for positive outcomes and timely completion of the set tasks. Therefore, employers look favorably towards candidates that have remote work experience, which also looks great on their CV.

Popular industries regularly recruit interns for software development and engineering, green technology, sports management, accounting, to name a few. Even companies that believe it to be impossible to function without an office environment have now adapted to the current situation and are ensuring that remote working conditions are suitable and favorable for employees.

Small and medium-sized businesses stand to gain more with such internships as they can hire as per requirement or on a per-project basis, which works out to be economical as well as practical for the business. Interns only require a certain number of hours or days or weeks to complete a project which can be finished and submitted remotely, without having to wait for days to assign a project or find positions to fill when business work is sluggishly slow.

A major benefit of virtual internships is the economical solution they provide employers with, as they do not have to worry about overhead charges for the various facilities necessary for internships held at the office, or any physical location. This immense cost-effective measure is often the best option for both employers and interns.

Students that study full time, often struggle with their course timings and work as interns on the side. This is very advantageous for many students as it can save those hours as compared to conventional internships that include diligent office times with less work. With virtual internships, effective time management ensures the utmost efficiency. One only has to put in as many hours essential to complete the tasks well.

The bottom line is that young professionals have much to look forward to, albeit without the social factors, as with the conventional systems. The remote working option, also provides more time for the interns to learn at their pace without outside interruptions which is difficult to achieve in office environments.

Virtual internships, remote working, and online courses seem to be the way forward, at least for the next few months, and possibly up to a couple of years if the impact of COVID-19 remains severe and relentless. As remote access has opened up a world of opportunities, a student should take advantage of the various benefits and opt for the course they want to build a successful career in.

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