Typically, however not always, complaints and concerns regarding this food group surface more often from numerous Lovely Ladies than any of the other food groups in our repertoire. The usual comments boil down to tasteless selections, queries as to their use and questions noting their flavor and vest.

Why don’t we delve into some of the apprehension and possible unease regarding this topic of interest? Be aware that if this group of foods throws you for a loop and you feel better off just not dealing with its array, feel free to join the club. Sit back, relax and read your way through everyday solutions to eradicating negative thoughts and feelings regarding this topic of consumption.

~“Bam” it up: Many vegetables hold massive amounts of flavor but more often than not their delicious taste is masked by sauces, spreads and items that take away their true flavor, dismiss their low-calorie benefits and leave you in a lurch regarding their true flavor and goodness. Eating them raw or lightly sautéed in a tad of olive oil with added seasonings could just be the trick to your enjoyment.

~Convenience matters: With your busy schedule sometimes you just can’t find it within you to wash, slice and dice your favorite veggie choices. Although you pay a little bit extra for ready to-roll-veggies that are pre-washed, cut and chopped, in the long run you’ll end up including more in your daily food gamut when convenience steps up to the plate.

~Preparation is key: As with many aspects of your success, veggies are no different and when time is ticking your clock the more ready those veggies are as they take up shop in your fridge the more likely you are to utilize them in your meals. If it just isn’t in your budget to purchase them ready-to-roll then make sure to prepare them in advance as soon as you purchase them.

~Price point: There’s no doubt about it that veggies can be pricey, therefore, be aware of the ones that are on sale in your neck of the woods and those that are in season wherever in the world you call home. Another wonderful option is to grow your own when applicable.

~Devilish dips: Beware of the creamy unknown bowls that seem to place themselves next to your veggies of choice. These, more often than not, entice you in and douse your healthy veggies with their masked calories. Go pure and avoid the lure.

As you are aware, the Jolly Green Giant will not be knocking on your door any time soon and it is up to you to shop for vegetables that enhance a healthy way of living and your weight loss goals.

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