People need food to survive. Why are so many people obese when there is no scarcity of food especially in the West? Being a vegetarian or a vegan is not only healthy, it is also humane. Do you really need to eat a duck or a rabbit to feel satisfied in your belly, entertain your taste buds, or say to yourself I had a nice meal?

Plato said "Do not make your stomachs graves for animals" and I agree. When an animal was maltreated, filled with hormones and finally slaughtered so you can eat it, all of the animal's fears and anxieties in addition to the unhealthy hormones, it releases cortisol (stress hormone) in its body. Now you've just consumed that as well.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed that our diet when it is pure can make our bodies less susceptible to the impure gross energies of the environment.
Another Greek philosopher Plato, had been credited with the saying “don’t make your stomachs graves for animals” and was a vegetarian.

I believe that the food we consume can affect not only our physical being but also our emotional and mental state. Unfortunately, the scientific advancement of our age now supplies us with genetically engineered vegetables, cloned meet, and pesticide and chemically filled foods.

I do not wonder why there are so many children in the US diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. These diagnoses are less common if given at all in other non western cultures. Some would argue that this is because there is a lack of research while others can argue the opposite that the research in the west leads to self fulfilled prophecies and more money for the pharmaceutical companies.

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Licensed Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Author, Vegetarian, Pet lover.