Irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS is common to most people. It can occur occasionally or in some advance stages, becomes a daily illness. There are several causes of IBS such as lack of exercise, poor eating habits and stress. If you are suffering from irritable bowel, it is important to plan a diet for IBS.

IBS can affect your daily routine and can give you other health issues in the long run. If you suspect having an IBS based on the symptoms you’re experiencing, seek your doctor’s help. You can prevent this health condition from worsening by asking your doctor to help formulate a diet for IBS which you can stick to.

The kind of food you eat everyday provides you the nutrients your body needs to stay alive and kicking. However, your diet may not include healthy stuffs alone since there are times you will be tempted to eat those which are not so healthy. However, if you suffer from IBS, you can still enjoy great food by adding delicious veggies in your diet for IBS. These vegetables should make it in your diet plan:

• Broccoli
Diet for IBS include greens such as broccoli. It is one of the various vegetables that can provide high fiber for proper colon movement and cleansing. It also helps maintain sugar level in the body as well as promoting regular bowel movement.

• Artichokes
If you’re a tea lover, this perennial thistle can be boiled to produce tea. Artichokes are known to have high fiber content and can be included in your diet for IBS. It is best taken on empty stomach or in the early morning.

• Cabbage
Cabbage consists of the same high fiber nutrients such as broccoli and other green leafy vegetables. They are best taken steamed or with less grease but can also be served as a side dish.

• Squash
Diet for IBS also includes squash which is commonly given to children due to its softness and delectable flavor. This delicious vegetable is not restricted to the young ones alone, you can also cook it with other meals or as a dessert.

• Potatoes
Potatoes have high fiber, but it is not recommended as a daily diet for IBS as it also contains carbohydrate and starch. Burning carbohydrate is important to prevent too much sugar in the body which also helps trigger constipation.

• Legumes
Peas and beans are ideal foods for people suffering from IBS. They are very rich in fiber and you can cook them in many ways. You can bake them or add as ingredients to your main course.

Aside from having these vegetables in your diet, it will also help to avoid those which can cause IBS. Your diet for IBS will only be effective if you remove these from your food list:

• Alcoholic drinks like beer, gin, and whisky
• Caffeinated drinks
• Ice cream
• Sweets such as chocolates
• Milk products if you’re prone to lactose intolerance

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