Each day we are given the chance to create something---a product, learning, a relationship, a connection, ideas and really whatever we desire. Regardless of who you are, where you live and your economic, cultural and educational situation, the choice is real.

Today, I ask you to look at what you have decided to do, achieve, create or be and make sure that it jazzes you. Make sure it really fires you up and the idea of its attainment fills you with such excitement and high vibration that you could pop.

And make sure it reflects your values. This is a big part of attaining happiness. Putting your effort, energy and attention on something that really excites you AND honors your values is the shortest road to your "happy place." If you invest your time in honoring the values of others that are not YOUR values, you will not be getting results that are satisfying to YOU.

If you are knocking yourself out, draining your energy, dread getting up in the AM, because of what you are investing your life force doing, CHANGE it.

When I was 21, the summer before my senior year of college, I was a hostess at a place where "the power people" dined. The owner who was well known in the DC area as the guy with the restaurant where deals were made and image was everything was a commanding man with a big fat cigar. He made me feel lucky to have been "picked" to represent the restaurant--to be the first face the customers would see upon entering. I felt somehow elite to be there in that role.

One evening, the owner Mel, (I'll leave his last name out) pulled me aside practically as I entered the restaurant for my evening's work. He told me he'd like me to go home and change into a shorter skirt. Now, the one I was wearing was probably 2 inches above the knee-I knew I had higher, but not too much shorter. So, what did I do?

I am not proud to say this, but I went home, changed and went back to work in a shorter shirt. It was a black leather one. I had to wonder why, even though I felt that I looked good, that I felt so bad. I actually felt gross, sort of like someone threw up on me energetically.

I came to realize that I did not share his values. For Mel, my legs were more important than my ability to relate to people or to make them feel welcomed with a kind word and smile. I was reduced to something that was not about who I felt I really was.

This example may seem small, but it taught me that in the work I choose to do, I have to be aligned with the process and the outcome. If not, it is not satisfying, not fun and ultimately will not truly benefit anyone if your work is infused with "throw up" energy. That blip of time more than 20 years ago has stayed with me and generally provided me with a great compass in my life choices.

Honor your values as you create your day. If it feels aligned with your spirit, do it. If you feel as though you are trudging along in molasses, try to figure out why it feels that way.

Pursue your vision. Honor your values. From that place you will get the results you are looking for.

Author's Bio: 

Rena Reese is an author, speaker and radio host, as well as founder of Soul Salon International. As a Body-for Life Champion with a master’s degree in counseling from Johns Hopkins University and life coach training from the Coaches Training Institute, she dedicated to both the spiritual and physical revivals of men, women and children. In her latest book, “The Soul Salon,” readers learn about the path of awakening, alignment and living life with purpose.