It is for his innumerable qualities that Lord Hanuman is worshipped by devotees at all places in the world. And his quality which is most treasured is his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama.

Hanuman Chalisa, the most revered prayer in the world is written praising Hanumanji's devotion to Bhagwan Sri Ram. Composed by Kavivar Tulsi Das ji, this is a prayer of great might and is known to induce positive qualities in devotees.

The Hanuman Chalisa a prayer that builds a great moral character and by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, it is believed that Lord Hanuman himself appears to the aid of the devotee and as the devotee overcomes fear in all forms.

The Hanuman Chalisa has 40 (Chalis) dohas or chaupais which means verses, and that's the reason why it's called the Hanuman Chalisa.

While each of the dohas of the Hanuman Chalisa withholds a great significance by itself, Lord Hanuman is symbolic strength, devotion, might and also the ability to control the mind.

Lord Maruti has been presented in the form of a monkey, I.e a human being with the face of a monkey. This symbolizes that a human being's mind is always active, never at rest. But it is also complete devotion, surrender and an absence of ego or lower self in a human being that Lord Hanuman symbolizes. The deity could also be understood as the mental body of a human being.

A human being's mind is fickle, never finds rest and travels from one place to another. It is involved with innumerable activities, none of which bring peace to the surroundings. Such is the power of the mind, it can fly anywhere, travel anyplace. It is the mind which can expand or contract, and be just or self oriented in different situations.

In the same way, Lord Vayuputra too has been depicted to be possessed with the ability to fly long distance, he is changes his form from being magnanimously huge, can contract to microscopic sizes.

However on surrendering to the inner self, mind achieves miraculous powers. It can then perform great feats, just like Lord Hanuman did. And as one's mind reaches this stage, it becomes divine. It is in such a stage, the lower self (Sita) and the Soul (Rama) are united as one. The Sri Hanuman Chalisa Pendent has the Sri Hanuman Yantra inscribed on the back of the pendent and by keeping the Sri Hanuman Yantra with oneself, focusing one's energies on the same a devotee gets peace of mind, happiness. He becomes a ruler of the mind.

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