The website in which an author is able to publish an article free of cost is usually termed as the article directory. The principal reason behind the author being able to publish articles free of cost is the fact that the owner of the website directory publicizes on almost every single content page and thence accumulates the revenue that's generated by means of the advertising. Article directory website gradually enhances its very own search engine popularity with the enhancement in the quantity of the articles that's published, providing benefits to both the writer and the directory owner by managing them the biggest number of aimed visitors.

However, pretty unlike the offline mode, few more dimensions are newly found in case of the online article marketing. Of them the most noteworthy distinction is the use of the content for the purpose of SEO or elaborately Search Engine Optimization. An article ghostwriter predominantly writes content basing on some targeted keywords which varies with niche. Then again the article ghost writers can inform the client for the content personalized to their niche. The ghostwriter can make aims to bring in a specific group of audience with the required information content that is having the ability to appeal the aimed readers.

Be different. Instead of copying other's work and instead of using other writers' style and techniques, I suggest that you find your own voice so you can easily create a name for yourself. Strive to be different. Write in such a way that you'll showcase your personality. Talk about topics that are seldom being discussed by your competitors. Offer new information instead of old ones that can easily be found on those articles that are already published in the online arena. Make your articles more useful, more informative, and more entertaining so you can make them stand out from the crowd.

Keep yourself posted about ever-changing algorithms of search engines. Google and other major search engines usually change their requirements when they're indexing articles. You need to know about these changes so you'll easily figure out what you can do to secure better ranking for each article that you write. As search engines usually don't announce these changes, you will need to do some experiments to know what works and what doesn't. It will also help if you work closely with other SEO experts who can surely offer you with useful tips and techniques.

Distribute your articles to more sites. One of the best ways to give your articles more exposure is by aggressively distributing them to all possible websites. These include article marketing directories (example; ezinearticles and goarticles), blogs and forums that are relevant to your chosen niche. It will also help if you use them on your own website and if you promote them using social networking sites that include Twitter and FaceBook.

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