Nowadays, to be a college degree holder is very important to many of us, for families who are dependent in education for their children to have a stable and high paying job, they are willing to bring their children to prestigious and expensive colleges and universities to attain quality education.

Moreover, if you are a graduate of a distinguished school, you have a better chance to get employed in notable companies.

Choosing the right school really matters to have an edge when it comes to employment. However, how will you know the right school if you are unsure about the career path you want to pursue?

Maybe most of us have this experience of getting started studying in a university, only to find out that we don’t like the course we have taken resulting to a waste of time and money.

Whenever I talk to high school students or conduct a career orientation on incoming college freshmen, I share to them the fundamentals in choosing the right course for college.

One of the important aspect you need to know that will enlighten you in making a decision what you really want to do in life after school is Realizing your true potential.

What is your innate potential?
What are the things you can do naturally?

These are common questions, yet we still have a hard time to answer. If we can only identify earlier our potentials, it will prevent us from wasting our time and effort in studying a course that is not really where our strength lies.

During elementary and high school years are the best time for us to discover our potential. Academic performance can be an important determinant as well as the extra- curricular activities which have the same degree of importance in uncovering our innate abilities.

Joining school clubs, sports activities and contests can help us identify the qualities we need to be successful. This is also the chance for you to test your talents that has a potential for you to succeed in life.

For parents, it is better not to force your child to excel academically or impose a high expectation to be on top of the class. When you keep on dictating to the child what they have to accomplish and you keep on setting a high expectation on their performance, you actually hinder them to fully realize their true potentials.

Furthermore, the child will have the tendency to live up to your expectation and they will be afraid to commit mistakes on the process of exploring their abilities. As a result, they will have a difficult time to know what they really want to do in their later lives.
I have learned that committing mistakes in the latter part of our lives is more costly than the early part of our lives. Before they go to college, your children should already have a strong awareness of their skills and talents so that they can easily decide the course they want to take.

Another way to find out more about your potential is by taking aptitude tests and career assessment questionnaires. These tools can give you ideas about your strengths, what field you excel in, and the traits you have that can help you cultivate your talents. You can also ask the observation of your friends, significant other, or parents about how they know you as a person.

Why is it important to know your potentials?

Your innate potential is like a compass that will direct you to the path you should be going. Most of the people who are confused about how they will live their life to the fullest are the people who never discover their real potentials. They have a difficult time to decide for themselves and tend to depend on the trial and error attitude of choosing their career after school.

But you can overcome this dilemma by simply discovering your talents and abilities.
Your natural potentiality is the key in opening the door of opportunities that will lead you to a productive life. We can easily fit ourselves in the demands of the society if we know the talents we possess that we can offer.

Once you unlock your inner capabilities, everything you do in your chosen profession will just come out naturally. When you can do something effortlessly, you will enjoy your work and you will eventually develop the passion to excel in your career path.

People who identify their potentials earlier have the greater chance to be successful ahead of time.

However, for those who have not yet discovered their potentiality, it is never too late. While you live you have all the time to know your strength, talents and abilities.

As Winston Churchill stated, Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potentials.

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