We are more awesome than we often realize, and if you agree with Shakespeare you have at your fingertips an incredible thinking machine in your head. Shakespeare penned: there is nothing good or bad, except thinking makes it so.

You are in charge of this powerful thinking machine. Some have likened it to the most powerful computer and you are in charge of it. Just as you program a computer, you can program your mind. The secret ingredient is belief. Do you believe you can do? Your belief system is crucial to powerful thinking. You have to be believe you can be powerful. So if you believe in unlimited thinking and unlimited abundance and really believe, then this will soon come to fruition in greater abundance.

To recap, if you want to think more creatively, you have to believe that you have the power of unlimited thinking. So how do we get a more powerful mind, one in tune with more unlimited thinking? We have to program it! Imagination helps to strengthen belief systems. Take advantage of the system at work in your mind with an imagination you can believe in.

Focus on your mind and believe it is becoming wiser, more confident and more insightful. Say to yourself: I am open to all things new. I am an innovative and inventive person.

Imagine that there are no limits to what you can do in the areas that you are interested in. Imagine linking with the creative part of your mind and imagine and believe that there are no limits to what you can do and have in your areas of interest.

Go beyond what you think you can achieve and have and then think of possibilities and opportunities that you can create or take advantage of. Think of doors opening and new opportunities appearing. Think of the things you want and think of having even more than now. Think of things that will bring you joy, growth and expansion. Say to yourself that you will allow all of this into your life or something even better. As you believe more that you deserve this, your mind, body, soul and heart open to receive.

Your thoughts should be on a positive track. If not, then that is the track you must make an effort to get into. Do this by saying: I can. I will and I am unlimited in my thinking and my being. I can create in positive, unlimited ways.

B: Believe in your abilities to think in Bigger ways.
L: Live as if you do have Lively thinking abilities
E: Enter an Environment of thinking that says: Expanding choices and opportunities are Easy for me.
S: Say to yourself: I can create everything I want and my dreams come true always.
S: Shakespeare hit the nail on the head when he penned we can decide how we use our thoughts. Seek to strengthen your thinking powers with Strong beliefs and Strong imagination of what can positively be.

Y: You have an incredible thinking system in your mind; it makes sense to use it to maximum effect.
O: Open up your mind with greater and greater thoughts, greater and greater beliefs and greater and greater actions
U: Unlimited or greater thinking is possible and opens up more possibilities and opportunities.

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Susan McKenzie is a teacher in Singapore. Susan loves to bless and more blessings are at