Many individuals assume that being thin is quite healthy than being fat. But, the fact is that, being underweight has just many health risks as being overweight. However, it is unfortunate that market is full of products that help people to loose weight. And, most of the companies have forgotten about the individuals who are severely underweight which are known as hard gainers in the fitness industry. Nevertheless, it is true that obesity can cause a number of health problems, but being skinny also leads an individual to lots of severe ailments, for example cardiac diseases, impotency, and increased risk of cancer. Besides, an individual is considered as thin or fat by calculating the mass body index. Moreover, it can be calculated by measuring through the appropriateness of an individual's weight to his height.

Nevertheless, an individual can be too skinny due to his genetics. However, faulty eating habit is equally responsible for being skinny. Moreover, an individual can suffer from malnutrition, if he is not eating adequate amount of foods that is required to maintain proper cellular function. And, malnutrition can affect the functioning of the entire body, due to which a poorly nourished individual may fall into the grasp of physical problems. In addition, the immune system of a skinny individual might not work properly, due to which he may become susceptible to a myriad of viruses. Also, the bone may weaken due to improper nourishment, which can lead to osteoporosis. Furthermore, anemia is another health problem in those who are skinny.

Additionally, anemia can cause fatigue, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Besides, the balance of hormone level can get affected, due to lack of nourishment. Nonetheless, appropriate balance of hormone level is very important for the working of brain, and reproductive system.

However, there are many individuals who only want to increase their bodyweight and, add muscle hard muscle to their body, but they must also concentrate on increasing body fat which is also necessary for proper functioning of the body organs. Nevertheless, there are many health products in the market which claims to increase weight effectually. But, skinny individuals must avoid usage of chemically composed products, because they might negatively affect the body. Moreover, instead of chemical-based products, herbal supplements are gaining more and more popularity, because they increase bodyweight in a healthier way. Furthermore, the most important benefit of weight gainer herbal supplements is that, they do not induce any adverse effects on the body, instead of it they regulate the functioning of the body by nourishing it.

And, FitOFat capsule is a popular weight gainer supplement because, it is made with unique blend of potent herbs that helps to overcome various deficiencies, for example blood deficiency, and energy deficiency. In addition, it stimulates the appetite and, supports the organs of digestive system for proper absorption of essential nutrients that are acquired from the food. In addition, it regulates the functioning of immune system to minimize the risk of infections. And, various herbs used in FitOFat capsule nourish the body organs, which is beneficial for overall health of the user.

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