Food Pairing is not new, many chefs have been experimenting with complimentary food combinations for at least a hundred years. Chefs discovered that by pairing together unusual foods, this made it possible to create new plates of food that also have the added benefit of being healthy.

By experimenting with salty ingredients and chocolate, a chef discovered that caviar is a perfect match for white chocolate. After analysing the individual flavours of both foods he found that caviar and white chocolate have major flavour components in common. After more experimentation he came to the conclusion that all kinds of foods can combine to produce interesting results if they share major flavour components.

The results can be quite innovative and occasionally result in surprising and unusual combinations, such as lettuce with sugar, chocolate with cauliflower and strawberries with peas.

Although some of these combinations sound a bit strange, it may not be as unusual as you may think. Consider some combinations that we taken for granted such as, jelly with peanut butter and bacon with cheese. These combinations are surprisingly tasty because the combined food products have flavour components in common.

Food Pairing opens up a whole new world of possible recipes you may not have ever considered before.

Along with exciting new taste experiences to enjoy, there are additional health benefits to be considered. It has been proven to help with weight loss, consider an example.

The population of Japan are recognised as one of the healthiest in the world, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Japanese women live on average an extra 10 years longer than most Americans, and Shoku-Iku has been cited as one of the primary reasons.

Shokuiku (Kanji: 食育) is the Japanese term for "food education". The law defines it as the "acquisition of knowledge about food and nutrition, as well as the ability to make appropriate decisions through practical experience with food, with the aim of developing people's ability to live on a healthy diet".

The Japanese Government instead passed laws to make their “wellness from within” Flavour-Pairing Rituals and Shoku-Iku, the country’s mandatory Nutritional Platform.

So while we quickly became the fattest, sickest and unhealthiest country on the planet, the Japanese just kept losing weight while living longer, happier more fulfilling lives because of a simple, yet metabolically explosive set of Flavour-Pairing rituals they adopted over 50 years ago. Clearly we can learn much by simply imitating the Japanese diet and lifestyle.

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