I come to you today with a reflection and reminder of how special, important and loved you are. I also come with encouragement and knowing that one by one and day by day we are building a new world together based on peace and love. Despite all outer appearances to the contrary, each of us is steadily remembering how to come from our heart with unconditional love which is altering the very course of humanity.

Funny thing about appearances, they are rarely what they appear to be. Our hearts and minds are opening and we are beginning to see beyond the immediate physical reality and world of effects only. We are realizing the causal nature of our thoughts and feelings as a manifestation of a long curious journey based on separation, lack, fear and doubt. Each limited personal thought and feeling we held in the past has added to the present conditions surrounding us. This also means that for each thought and feeling we presently hold in peace and unconditional love, we are creating a new journey and future filled with these qualities.

Amidst the seeming chaos, strife, arrogance and ignorance being played out locally and globally, we are coming face to face with perhaps the greatest opportunity ever presented to choose unconditional love as our personal and collective view and to finally recognize the entire human earth family as one. Never before have so many beings resided at one time on this planet with such diverse personal and cultural beliefs, understandings, conditioning, heritage, and.... potential.

Some 18 years ago I developed a rather different and perhaps unconventional definition for unconditional love and shared it in my first book, Internal Power - Seven Doorways to Self Discovery. Seeking a practical definition, I chose to understand and evolve each of the two words "unconditional" and "love" to their core essence of meaning. Then combining them into one idea I realized a useful insight for applying this profound perspective found in this unique combination of two words. My definition simply stated - "unconditional love is an unlimited way of being".

This definition doesn't necessarily speak to the typical expected response or popular collective understanding of most cultures. Instead it reveals something more important - the individual potential that resides within each of us every moment. It merely asks that we approach each moment with clarity and right perspective and recognize the vast unlimited possibilities to choose a new way of thinking and feeling.

Such a sense of profound love comes when we first forgive and accept ourselves for all our limiting beliefs, mistakes, judgments and misunderstandings and apply the “unconditional” to us personally. We recognize our self worth, value our talents, and allow ourselves to be who we are rather than what we think others wish us to be. In turn, we naturally understand those around us and extend our helping hand without condition, judgment or expectation. We see ourselves in the reflection of another and know that everyone deserves to love and be loved without condition.

By embracing the present moment with openness we realize and know we have the solutions and answers already within us. We begin building a reality that is based on love, wisdom and power in perfect balance. For each step we take personally, we impact the world with this amazing energy of love.

Unconditional love turns hope into knowing in a collective reality that is often seen as hopeless or seemingly impossible to overcome. When you know something is possible you empower this to manifest with your very being. So know from now on that you are loved and loving and see how the world responds to your light and knowing. Watch how your peace and strength is sought out by others and how the limitless love you have to share is the love you receive in return.

You are all so amazing... thank you for your compassion, courage and vision to make this a better world for all of us.

Author's Bio: 

Harold W. Becker is Founder and President of the internationally recognized nonprofit, The Love Foundation, is the author of various books including, Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being and Internal Power, Seven Doorways to Self Discovery along with hosting his own PBS special on unconditional love. Contact him at www.thelovefoundation.com