As identical twins, we are supposed to be genetic mirrors of each other and conventional scientists attribute our differences in personality to environmental influences.

Contrast that with our controversial viewpoint: we associate our unique personalities and distinct physical differences to the influence of spiritual heritage; everyone, including identical twins, has a unique soul.

Life is much more than mere biological science. Why not consider the influence of spirit too?

We contend that you aren’t just a hunk of meat with a brain and that the unique qualities and spiritual heritage of each soul shine through and influence the physical body and personality.

The mainstream scientific community rejects the notion that people are spiritual beings having a human experience. In their view, it’s either heredity or environment.

Interestingly, more and more geneticists now believe that identical twins aren’t really “identical.” This New York Times article sheds light on the issue:

“From the moment that most identical twins separate, they may well have different epigenetics, a term that refers to the way genes are read and expressed, depending on environment. They are already different products of their environment, the environment being whatever uterine conditions rendered them separate beings in the first place.

“The casual observer is fascinated by how similar identical twins are, but some geneticists are more interested in identifying all the reasons they might differ, sometimes in significant ways. Why might one identical twin be gay or transgender and not the other? Why do identical twins, born with the same DNA, sometimes die of different diseases at different times in their lives? Their environments must be different, but which aspect of their environment is the one that took their biology in a different direction? Smoking, stress, obesity — those are some of the factors that researchers have been able to link to specific changes in the expression of specific genes. They expect, in time, to find hundreds, possibly thousands, of others.”

The researcher links differences among twins, such as sexuality and health, strictly to environment: “Their environments must be different...”

Being identical twins, with different sexual orientations, health issues, and personalities (and the same early life environment), we find their orthodox approach shortsighted.

The concept of DNA genetic coding is linked to personal fate.

Behavioral geneticists assert that DNA genetic coding largely predetermines psychological, emotional, and physical make-up.

We find this fascinating because we believe that key elements of personality are predetermined, yet we also believe that they’re missing what comes before that--the history of the soul before it enters the body, and how that history and karma influence the personality and lifetime.

Unseen, spiritual considerations overshadow conventional science and the mundane just as the vast universe outshines Earth. You have free will within the framework of your fate and karma, but you have far more power of choice in spirit form, before you incarnate.

Being identical twins and having scrutinized twins through empirical research involving past life regression and comprehensive astrology and numerology, we are in a unique position to offer a noteworthy perspective: Each twin expresses the personality traits they are fated to (not by chance), everyone has a unique soul and past life history which greatly influences each lifetime, and the vast majority of everyone’s key life circumstances and events are preordained.

As the New York Times article linked above about the twins who were switched at birth implies, even if you put a person whose karma and destiny does not include wealth into an affluent environment, they won’t get rich just because of the environment.

Our findings show the reverse is true too: someone from a poor background whose karma and destiny includes extraordinary prosperity will achieve it. In short, environment doesn’t trump karma and fate.

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