Tulsi tea is also known as Holy Basil and it originates from India and some tropical parts of Asia. It has been cultivated for more than 5,000 years. It is grown in areas that have tropical warm climates and it is used in preparing several cuisines such as Loatian, Vietnamese, Thai and Italian. It is also known as one of the most powerful adaptogen and for this reason, it is considered ideal for stress reduction. In essence, it is reputed and well known for its therapeutic properties. Some of the tulsi tea benefits are as highlighted below.
Tulsi Benefits

· For starters, it is devoid of any caffeine and as such, considered an ideal replacement for coffee and tea.

· It can be used for the purpose of weight loss and in addition to this; it increases your metabolism rate.

· It is rich in anti-oxidants which slow down the aging process and aids in preventing cancer.

· Helps reduce stress and calms the system.

· It can be used to act as a decongestant and relive colds. To cap it all, it goes a long way to improve your immunity.

· Treats cases of vomiting and nausea.

· Reduce blood cholesterol.

· Aids in treating cases of insomnia.

· It strengthens kidneys.

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Why it is Powerful?

The composition of tulsi tea is what contributes to its increased benefits. It is complex and contains several nutrients and active biological active compounds. It is ideal to look at some of these in order to understand how it works.


This chemical helps the body cope and adapt to stress. Thus, it strengthens the negative effects brought about by such concerns and ensures that the mind and body are functioning well. Whether this is brought about by pollution, emotional problems mental tension or any other everyday events, it will be effectively addressed by consumption of this tea.


Immune-modulator serves the purpose of strengthening the immune system and this increases its ability to overcome several agents that cause diseases such as bacteria, microbes, viruses and allergens among others. In this manner, your overall health is not only protected but well maintained.


These come in handy for protecting the cells from damages brought about by free radicals. In this regard, free radicals refer to the atoms that lack required electrons to make them complete. In such instances, the atom lacking electrons acts by stealing them from another atom. When this happens, the atom from which the electrons are stolen also becomes a free radical. Ultimately, this becomes a chain and eventually, it damages the human cells in which the atoms are a central part.

Antioxidants come in handy by donations some of the free radicals they have to the free radical. This in turn neutralizes the reaction and reduces the possibility of some atoms stealing electrons from others. In this manner, cell health is protected and you also enjoy good health. It is precisely due to all these reasons and more that this tea is considered important for enhancing good health.

Scientific research carried out recently also indicates there is evidence of what drinking this tea can deliver. In this case, some of these claims are as indicated below.

It is known to improve endurance and increase stamina.
It increases the efficiency with which the body uses oxygen.
It can boost your body's immune system.
It reduces inflammation
Supports the liver, heart and the lungs.
Comes with properties such as antifungal, antibiotic, and antiviral.
It reduces ageing factors.
Reduces the side effects brought about by radiation.

In a nutshell, the tulsi tea benefits can be surmised as the ability to help the body/mind adapt and effectively cope with emotional, infectious stresses and mental problems.

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