In life, there are those who don’t truly value what it means it to be true to themselves or others. With many of us who are good hearted to those without expecting anything in return sometimes find out who truly are there for us through good and bad times.

I find it is amazing that some people like to portray themselves to be someone they are not, they like to put on a show? What does this accomplish? Sooner or later, your true colors will surface out. Now, I agree there are those who know how to hide their inner feelings really well but, as time progresses in certain situations, those feelings will eventually surface out and that is when you will be surprised knowing that this certain someone could be like that. As I have said numerous times to myself, loved ones and even friends, there is nothing anymore in life surprises me.

God puts us through tests as well as friends and loved ones do the same and it is key for you to realize what matters most to youis yourself. It is true that some individuals who break under certain situations have finally shown you their true colors, but to those it can also be a sign of weakness especially to those who like to prey on the good people out there.

As we take a step back and search within ourselves, we can also realize that there will be a time where you will not find out until it is too late with some people how they cannot reveal their true self to you and funny enough, you are supposedly their friend or loved one. How can someone justify themselves by acting like that? If you are entrusting them with all of yourself, they should return it back to you?

This is how I look at it, some people show their true colors right away, some people reveal it in certain situations by letting it surface a little bit and there are those who never quite feel at ease to let their guard down and show themselves. What can you be so afraid of? Just remember this, if someone acts this way towards themself or you, is it really worth to be involved with this person? I agree it all depends on the person and the situation, but if you are faced in a difficult situation, you can definitely assume that you are on your own because you cannot rely on someone who can’t reveal their true self to you or themself.

You are only lying to yourself if you can’t show your true colors. It is not a bad thing or to those who feel that way should realize that they cant be like this all of their life since one day they will have to make an unfair choice and it could burn them bad.

True colors to certain people means many different things, but know in your heart that you will always be true to yourself by revealing the real you and not faking it just to gain other people’s attention.

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I first started giving advice/personal thoughts on facebook to my friends and family regarding their relationship or just everyday life issues so I feel that I can reach out to different people on different levels.

I am new to the article writing field, but I have always had an artistic ability that I never used up until now.

Been an administrative professional for the last 20 years so I definitely have the business savy and my writing flair definitely can appeal to different people.

I have found recently that sometimes writing articles based on life experiences can help inspire other people and that can be very rewarding knowing that you helped a stranger improve their lifestyle based on your advice or article.

I am in the process of writing my self-motivation book.