A chronic respiratory condition, asthma, is quite a common health problem amongst people all over the world. Statistics suggest that nearly 5.4 million people in the UK are suffering from this condition. You can get an asthma attack when you come in contact with an irritant present in your surrounding environment such as pollen or smoke. When you get an attack, it is because the irritants are having an effect on your bronchioles. These are the smallest tubes that are connected to your lungs. During an attack, these bronchioles contract, thus restricting the flow of air into your body.

The effect is further worsened as inflammation of the inner lining of the bronchioles occurs, which leads to excess production of mucus. The excess presence of mucus further obstructs the air flow. As a result, you can experience symptoms such as wheezing, tightness in your chest, coughing and breathlessness. Fortunately, this respiratory condition can be treated with the help of asthmatic inhalers such as Ventolin .This inhaler, with the help of its chief ingredient salbutamol, works by stimulating the beta receptors around the airways. The beta receptors causes the muscles there to relax, thus allowing you to breathe quite normally.

Qvar, another asthmatic inhaler, is available in the form of an Aerosol inhaler, Autohalers and Easi-Breathe inhalers. All three types consist of the same chief ingredient – beclometastone dipropionate. The Qvar Aerosol inhaler works by delivering the chief ingredient deep into your lungs, where it is required the most. However, it cannot act in the instant when you develop asthma symptoms because of an asthma attack. Hence, it needs to be taken on a daily basis. The Qvar Autohaler, just like the aerosol inhaler, also sends the ingredients directly into your lungs. The Qvar Easi-Breathe inhaler is similar to the autohaler but only differs in how you use it.

Seretide inhaler is again available in two different types – as an Evohaler and an Accuhaler. Both these inhalers consist of a combination of fluticasone and salmeterol as its chief ingredients. There is as such no difference between these two types of inhalers, however there is a difference in how you use the inhalers. For the Evohaler, you need to place the inhaler inside your mouth and you need to press down which releases a puff of the medication directly into your airways. While using the Accuhaler, you need to pull the lever and then release it once the inhaler is placed in your mouth and the powdered medication is released.

Symbicort is a preventative asthma treatment and is available as an inhalation powder. This inhaler consists of the chief ingredients of budesonide and formoterol. The budesonide helps in decreasing the inflammation that occurs in the inner muscles of the bronchioles. Formoterol, on the other hand, helps in widening and relaxing the airways, which further aids breathing. The Symbicort Turbohaler is available in three different dosage strengths – 100mcg (budesonide) / 6mcg (formoterol); 200mcg (budesonide) / 6mcg (formoterol) and 400mcg (budesonide) / 12mcg (formoterol).

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