Potty training is not an easy time for them or their parents. It can be a stressful time with a lot of expectations but thankfully there are some training tools around to help parents now. One of those tools is the use of little boy or little girl potty training pants. There is some debate about which is better to use, regular underwear or training pants, but in fact, there is no one answer. Some parents will find one works better for them, and some will find the other. Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages to each one so you have an idea of what might come up.

Training pants – the pros and cons

The pros or advantages to using training pants include;
• They are more absorbent, made to hold the accidents that can happen much better than just regular underwear. For those who might not always make it to the potty, and might start to have a little accident they work great.
• When they do have an accident they feel the wetness. This is a good thing, part of the training is learning that it does not feel great when you pee or soil yourself.
• Training pants for potty training can be washed and reused so once you invest in some, they are good to go and you do not have to keep buying.

The cons or disadvantages to using training pants for potty training include;
• They are not completely accident-proof when accidents happen there can be leaks. If you have a child that is a big leaker you will need to add some additional waterproofing.
• They can be harder to pull up and down for young children as they are a bit thicker than regular underwear.
• If you choose to use disposable training pants there is the fact you have to keep buying them, and because they are so much like nappies, that can slow down the training process as toddlers cannot tell the difference.

Underwear training – the pros and cons

Training in underwear is not the same process but some advantages or pros are;
• Using underwear to potty train is easier since they are so light and thin they can pull them up and down so well.
• They know when they have soiled or wet themselves.
• They are reusable and washable.

On the other hand some cons to using underwear include;
• The thinness means they cannot hold much of any urine. Going out with them will need some plastic pants to wear over their underwear.
• There will be a lot of laundry to do as there will be a lot of accidents and clean up to do.

The choice of what kind of training tools you are going to use depends on your child, how old they are, and what your preferences are and your lifestyle is. If you are home and have the time for the process and cleanup of underwear then that could work for you. If you prefer to have the more absorbent option of little girl potty training pants, then find some they will love and remember to accept the accidents and keep trying!

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