Many parents are thinking about how to organize an interesting vacation for their child, especially during the vacations. Children's Holiday camp in Singapore could be a good solution, since there are many clearly formed programs of leisure that can choose your child, read more on the website of the camp.

In our article we have collected for you basic information about children's camps, so you can navigate and know what you can count on, sending children on vacation.

How to choose a camp for a child: a myriad of options

The constant growth in the number of children's camps is related to the expansion of the profile and types of stay. Parents, to navigate, need to decide at what time they want to send their child to rest, and what he will do in the camp.

Profile orientation.

First of all, the child's hobbies and temperament should be taken into account. Many parents make the mistake of choosing a camp with a particular "prestigious" bias. As a result, they have to listen to constant complaints that the child is not interested there, and sometimes to take him out of the camp.

According to the profile camps can be divided as follows:

- Sanatorium type. Their purpose is the general improvement of the health of children and prevention of various diseases. At the beginning of a shift an individual health improvement program is prepared for a child - physical therapy, physiotherapy, diet. In the camp of sanatorium type children are sent upon the recommendation of a doctor. If your child has no chronic illnesses and he is rarely ill, sending him to the sanatorium camp makes no sense.

- Sports. There are two types: for certain sports, as well as for general physical development. At the beginning of the shift children are divided by level of physical fitness. This camp is suitable for a healthy child who likes physical education or going to sports school.

- Language. If a child enjoys studying a foreign language, it is worth taking care that he can practice during the vacations too, because a lot is forgotten during the summer. In a language camp, he will have lessons with teachers organized in a playful way. Teachers can be Russian or from the country of the language he learns.

- Tourist. Children who are active, nature-loving and dreaming of real adventures, physically sturdy and unpretentious in everyday life.

- Vocational. In such camps children communicate permanently with professionals in different spheres, attend courses and master classes which help better understand what occupation suits them and why.

- Aimed at developing their creative potential. Often children are fascinated by something, but quickly give it up and cannot understand what they are really interested in. In this case, a camp that deals with general questions of creative development will help, selecting activities for the child on the spot. If the child has already decided his interests, he can go to a camp of narrow specialization - for photography, theater, dance, vocal, visual arts.

- Multidirectional (for example, the main direction of tourism + language learning, or tourism + development of creative abilities, etc.). This camp is suitable for children with diverse interests, who like everything new and are able to assimilate a lot of information.

Organizing a useful vacation for your child can be at any time of year, because the camps can be not only seasonal (for example, summer or winter), but also year-round. The need for year-round camps arose when schools were able to choose their own time of vacations and change it every year. Now you can send your child to camp almost at any time, it is only important to pay attention to the direction and conditions. Summer camps can be tent type, year-round - only stationary.

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