It is so comforting to see a joyful person who always wears a smile on his face. The same person is happy and content, and lives his live to the fullest. Here are some benefits you can drive from being happy.

Happiness Reduces Stress

You may say that it’s just that those people who are less stressed or know how to manage stress are much more happier. Stress can affect us in so many ways. Some researchers measured how happy students in one university were, and then stressed them all out by giving them difficult tasks. As a result of stress all students had pumping hearts and high blood pressure, but those who had a more positive outlook recovered much more quickly than those who were not. When stress situations are inevitable, pay attention to happiness in other areas of your life - this will help you to ride out the storm easily.

Positive Approach

A positive person with a smile on his face is always a treat to live with. And it is this cheerful and positive approach towards life that earns other people's respect and love. Those who have positive approach towards life are more optimistic and handle their problems more effectively.

Better Family Life

At home if you greet your partner with a smile everyday, she or he would reciprocate more love. Who would not like to have a happy family? This will helps all family members make strong connections.

Happiness Affects Our Health

Happier people have healthier immune system, lower blood
pressure and lower heart rates. Look young and feel younger. Is there anyone who would not like to look fresh and young? A young look can provide a feeling of satisfaction and steal many glances from the crowd. The
main key of keeping the body and mind healthy is being happy. People who remain calm and healthy from inside remain young forever.

Happy People Are More Successful

Being happy makes us successful, but success doesn't
make us happy. Happiness makes people more productive and improves their ability to problem-solve. In fact, in one experiment those who were primed to feel happy, were found to be 11% more productive. This means that companies with happy employees perform better than the stock market index year after year.

Happy People are More Resilient

Happiness is all about being able to cope effective with the inevitable bad moments and make the most of the good ones, in order to experience the best possible life overall.


A happy person always brings feeling of calm and composure with them. It is known that this type of people are extremely popular in their circles and attract lots of attention. Plus, they have the ability to cheer up other people in any situation.


  • have greater self-control and less depression and suicide
  • are more satisfied with their jobs
  • endure pain better
  • have stronger immune systems
  • make better and faster decisions
  • live longer on an average, up to 10 years more
  • have better relationships
  • have bigger social circle
  • have better physical health
  • are kinder and help others more
  • are mentally stronger, yet calmer
Author's Bio: 

Zach is a full-time father and husband. During his free time, he plays basketball with his friends and writes for various sites.