Yoga is often associated with improved strength, flexibility, and balance. While all of these physical benefits are true, practising yoga on a regular basis also benefits your mental health. A yoga session is designed to provide you with the opportunity to stop, focus on your breath, and reinvigorate your mind to tackle mental and emotional challenges.

Given the stress and uncertainty of the modern world, practising yoga on the Mornington Peninsula could be the perfect antidote, bringing with it a range of associated mental health benefits.

Relieved stress

Stress is a fairly normal human reaction that many people experience when faced with difficult or uncertain situations. Symptoms of stress include a racing heart, exhaustion, dizziness, and muscle tension. These symptoms are unpleasant enough in isolation, but combined and experienced over a long period of time can lead to chronic ill-health.

Yoga encourages you to relax in a mental and physical sense. Concentrating on your breath can have a calming effect on the sympathetic nervous system — the body system designed to counteract our “flight or fight” response. Practising yoga on a regular basis should see a reduction in physical symptoms associated with stress.

Improved sleep

We all know how important sleep is. Sleep provides our bodies with the opportunity to repair themselves and our minds with the chance to recharge. Without adequate sleep, you are risking both your physical and mental health.

However, good sleep is not always easy to come by, particularly when we spend most of our day staring at screens. Stretching and relaxing your muscles can encourage better sleep quality and breathing techniques learnt during your practice can be implemented to help bring on sleep more quickly.

Mindful eating

Diet is another significant factor in our overall mental health. Eating foods rich in nutrients with low amounts of added preservatives, artificial flavours, fats, salt, and sugar, is crucial in providing us with the energy we need to go about our day.

The stress of modern life means that it can be all too tempting to opt for fast food or a microwaved meal at the end of a long day. Yoga on the Mornington Peninsula teaches you to respect your body for all the wonderful things it can do and the opportunities it provides, an attitude that can be linked to better food choices.

Improved concentration and focus

Between family, work, and friends, the demands on our time can be quite intense. Switching from your smartphone to your laptop and back again means that many of us have lost the ability to concentrate on one thing for more than a few minutes at a time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that skill back? Well, yoga could provide the answer. Yoga is all about being fully present, a skill that takes considerable practice. You might struggle at first to keep your mind from wandering to what you’re going to cook for dinner or how you’re going to handle that difficult conversation at work. But with regular practice, you should notice considerable improvements in your ability to focus on the current moment.

If you’re feeling a bit stretched and mentally fatigued, why not search for “yoga classes near me”? There’s sure to be plenty of teachers in your area who can help to improve your emotional wellbeing and provide strategies to cope with stress.

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