Video streaming brings with it an incredible feel that traditional cable-dependent TV and DVd have not been able to offer over the years. It is often said that once you start streaming you can not go back. So if you are in US and a fun of live streaming or you are new to this, here is a list of the top 6 streaming service providers in the USA;

YouTube TV

You Tube has been on top of live streaming for quite a while now. Going at a subscription rate of $35 per month,you get to enjoy live TV streaming in whichever city you reside. With this, you not only get a guaranteed nine months of content storage, but also an option to set up to three different accounts. The feature allows you to share good time with your family and friends at any given time, However, you will have to verify your city of residence once in every third month.

Show Time TV

Adopted from the famous premium show time of 2015, this live streaming service provider goes for subscription fee of $10.99 per month. To use Show time, one can opt to sign in from amazon, Samsung smart TV, You Tube.Hulu Tv and any other Apple mobile devices and select add Show time.

PlayStation Vue

This made typically for play station lovers.From as little as $39.99 oper month you gain access to over 45 channels. Exclusively offered by Sony, play station Vue offers support for up to five live streams at the same time on PS4 and PS3. However if you are using a mobile phone, then you get access to only 3 streams at a time. Good enough right? Supported devices for use include;amazon,Roku and Apple

Sling TV

Starting at $20 per month, sling offers the traditional TV experience in the modern way. The service provider offers affordable subscription options to its users with the basic Sling Orange plan that allows access to only one stream channel at a time, going at $ 20 while the Sling blue which allows live streaming of up to 3 channels going at $25. You can also decide to combine the two for $40.

Direct TV Now

Subscription to this awesome live stream service provider starts at $35 per month. It is well known for its high image and sound quality. Direct TV offers its users a four subscription plan which includes; 60 live stream channels at $35 on Live a Little, 80 channels at $80 per month on Just Right, Over 100 channels with Go Big at $60 and 120+ channels on Gotta Have It at $75 per month.


Going from $7.00 per month, Hulu offers a wide range of all time TV series and episodes to keep you at the edge of your seat. With an extension of adding show time on board as from $8.00 to $14 per month, you can be sure to have more channels to watch.The good thing with Hulu is that it supports numerous devices.

Hulu’s most recent live streaming TV which starts at $39.99 per month offers users more value with expected rising value in the coming days.

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