Purchasing a television requires some deliberation, as apart from selecting a model and evaluating the features, you also want to focus on the brands themselves in terms of the technologies that they use, their after sales service, and the durability of their TVs. To ensure that you get the best features along with excellent customer service and long-lasting performance, make your purchase on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, where you can buy the best OLED TVs in India from top brands such as Samsung, LG, Onida, Panasonic, Vu, and Sony, and get attractive discounts on the MRP.

You can also purchase the television of your choice on No Cost EMIs by using the EMI Network Card, with EMIs starting from just Rs.999 and get up to Rs.2,000 as cashback.

Now that you know where to make your purchase, take a look at some of brands you should consider.

Samsung is known for TVs that have ultra-slim design and are packed with features. Apart from this, their televisions also offer superior technologies like Samsung Smart Connect that allows you to share data from your phone or streaming device on to your TV. Samsung also boasts of low input lag in its HDR TVs, making them ideal for gaming.

LG is a South-Korean company that is known for its wide variety of budget-friendly consumer durables. The company has also pioneered technologies that have enriched the television-viewing experience. For example, LG Televisions with the Magic Motion Remote make navigating the interface much easier. In addition, TVs with VR capabilities allow you to view 360-degree videos too. Furthermore, the self-lighting pixels in these TVs have the capacity to turn off completely, offering ideal contrast.

This popular Japanese brand is known for offering LED televisions with full HD resolution on a budget. These televisions also come with a unique interface that enables you to install and arrange applications on your home screen. As a result, Panasonic allows you to customise the television according to your viewing habits and preferences.

Vu is an Indian television brand that offers superior features and great aesthetics on a budget. It also features built-in Miracast that allows you to play all your favourite television shows and movies easily from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. This ensures that you get all the fixings that come with a high-end LED TV at a fraction of the price.

Sony has been a leader in the home appliance space and has a reputation for manufacturing reliable, feature-rich TVs for several decades. Their smart televisions feature Android OS and allow you to connect to Chromecast and have a Google Smart Lock, not to mention an advanced processor. Sony TVs are also known for their audio quality, and they offer a superior, realistic audio experience as compared to most brands. You may read everything about the Sony LED TV here.

Once you select a brand and model, purchasing an LED TV on EMI takes no time at all. Be sure to check your pre-approved offer by entering your name and number, and use the amount that you are eligible for to shop in minutes.

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