Several years ago I met with the owner of a Florida based brokerage about encouraging the agents who worked with him to use our Transaction Coordinator services. There were several savvy Realtors in his firm that were already clients who suggested I call on him. At the meeting he was a bit stubborn and was rather ‘old school’, saying that “What will they do then if they don’t coordinate the transaction?”. Shocked I said, “Sell more homes, take a vacation, volunteer…..uh,…., the list is almost as long as I am tall”. As we wrapped up our meeting I said I’d put together my top 10 list.

Soon after he received this list he called to let me know he’d missed this before and furthermore was now convinced that with our help, many of his top selling agents would be even better.

Here’s the Top 10 list I shared with him:

10. You want to reduce and control operating costs. You know that you are ready for a transaction coordinator but aren’t ready for the huge expense a full-time employee may cost. You should not be working harder just to make payroll, try outsourcing.

9. You are ready to improve the focus of your business. As a Realtor most of your business comes from referrals through your networking, prospecting, and farming efforts, not the fax machine or filing cabinet. With that said, your time is better spent on activities that generate business transactions.

8. You want the very best for your clients. Outsourcing can give access to high level coordinators that have successfully handled thousands of transactions. Hiring and managing a full-time transaction coordinator is expensive. Hiring a team of transaction coordinatorstransaction coordinators with years of experience is beyond most companies means. Access to those coordinators by outsourcing to the Online Closing Team at TMC is feasible to ALL.

7. You’d like to spend more time on other passions you have such as volunteering. Many of our clients regularly spend time on various boards and volunteering at local agencies. In addition to giving back to their community they have also grown their business through these activities. Having a TC on their team gives them more time to be of service in their community.

6. You would like to free up resources for other purposes. By controlling the costs and most importantly the time associated with managing a transaction your resources can be better used to increase marketing and other revenue generating activities.

5. You need help but don’t have time to train someone to do things the way you want them done. Hiring an assistant to help you is an excellent way to grow your business, most however don’t have the systems or training in place to make it successful for both parties. Hiring a transaction coordinator like our team with systems and experience can save you time and money.

4. You’re new to the business and know that you could use the help of an experienced coordinator to “coach” you through the process. The “School of Hard Knocks” is not the best way to learn especially when so much is at stake for your clients. Having someone guide you through the process can make a HUGE difference in the outcome of most transactions.

3. You’re looking for an edge in the marketplace. Your clients are tech savvy but you aren’t sure how to bring more of that to your clients after contract. Our transaction coordinators utilize a software program where invited participants can view the transaction and documents. This can save you money by not having to purchase expensive software or investing the time it takes to learn and customize something new.

2. You are ready for a raise! Spending too much time on administrative duties or the ever-consuming time spent waiting on a fax or return calls reduces your bottom line. Have someone else handle those items and increases your per hour pay rate immediately.

1. You would like a day off! There is nothing wrong or selfish about taking time for you, in fact; it’s good for the soul and will probably increase your productivity. However, taking time off without sufficient coverage is deadly in any business. Having a transaction coordinator on your team can make taking a day or two or even a week off a breeze.

Author's Bio: 

Founder/CEO of Transaction Management Consultants. In 2005, I created Transaction Management Consultants, or TMC to fill a genuine gap in the real estate market. Giving Realtors, investors and developers access to the nation's best Transaction Coordinators without the hassle and overhead associated with traditional hiring methods.