Each and every person living on this planet has certain unmet needs. A poor man might need more money, an ambitious man might need more success while a lonely man might need more friends.
Whether you know your goals or whether you don’t have any idea about them this won’t mean that you don’t have important unmet needs.
Learning how to find and reach your goals could be the best thing that you could ever do to yourself in order to live a happier life.
In this post I will tell you how to find out your goals and how to reach them.
How to find out your goals
A friend of mine told me once that he doesn’t know what he wants out of life so I asked him these questions:
Do you want to be poor? He told me, no I don’t
Do you want to marry a person you are not happy with? He told me of course not
Do you want to be unknown? he told me id rather be famous
I then replied telling him: you just stated that your goals are making more money, marrying your goal mate and become famous. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want in life can be enough to make you aware of what you want in life.
The same goes for you, in order to find out your important unmet needs you just need to ask yourself similar questions. You don’t have to do it in a day or two, just take your time until you find out exactly what you want.
How to reach your goals
I have interviewed many successful people, talked with self made millionaires, successful business men and there was one common tip that they all gave.
They all said that you must keep trying and failing while learning in order to reach what you want. They all agreed that the best approach to reach any goal in the world is:
1) To first be brave enough to give it a try even if you think that you are ready
2) After that you need to evaluate your attempt and see if you were successful or not
3) Most probably you will never succeed from the first attempt so don’t feel bad and understand that succeed doesn’t happen over night
4) Learn about the mistakes you did to understand why you failed
5) Fix your mistakes and try once again
6) Don’t stay down or broken between failed attempts but instead get back on your feet as fast you can
7) Repeat the same steps over and over until you become successful.
If you followed these seven steps and committed to them then you will certainly become successful. Yes it might not happen fast but it will happen one day if you kept trying.

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